Exploration 1 By Burke hulsman

1. How are Films influenced by the times.

Film seems like it is shaped by the times that it is created in. Looking at several of the nominations for best picture in the past decade and even decades before, one wonders if several of the choices were nominated because of the chords they struck with the current outlook on Politics, Social issues and even musical trends. It can go both ways as well. Films have also shown how they can shape culture as well as be shaped by the culture.

2. How are Politics portrayed in Cinema

In recent years, it feels to me that Politics has actually become something people actually want to talk about. It used to be something that people in my circles found boring or not relevant to their lives. But in just the last election cycle all of a sudden it seems like everyone cares. Is part of that not just because of controversial candidates but also because of how real politics and even fantasy politics are portrayed in the movies. Are these portrayals based in reality or is politics more boring than Cinema and Television would make them out to be.

3. Does Film keep America honest in regards to history?

While I don't personally find Patriotism to be a bad thing, I do believe it can be harmful especially when it blinds us to our own faults and flaws. Only in the past decade do I feel like a lot of movies are actually looking at the darker sides of american history and acknowledging its problems. Other films seem to relish too much in how great we think we are and want to spread this idea in a way that I think harms us more than helps us. Only by acknowledging our flaws can we learn and grow from them.

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