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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to float on a cloud above your classroom and take it all in? How would this perspective change or elevate your teaching? Close your eyes for a moment and imagine an amazing classroom moment you have experienced. If you were floating above the room, what would you




Learning and teaching go much deeper than we can capture on paper. Through this course, you will take a fresh look at the learning experiences in your classroom and discover ways that you can extend learning, and capture experiences using digital portfolios. As we look at the world of Seesaw, keep your cloud perspective in mind, and enjoy the journey as a teacher and a learner.

Discovering Kindergarten

Now let's peak into the dynamic world of the classroom and capture the magic through Seesaw Digital Portfolios.

Ready? Let's Play...

Today you will be experiencing Seesaw from the student perspective.

You will be using a QR code to sign into our practice class on Seesaw.

Before you get started, watch the video below for directions on how to log in and add an item as a student.

If you are working on an iPad, open the Seesaw Class app now to log into our PD class on Seesaw.

Note: If you are working on your own right now, you can skip this step. If you want to try creating a class to practice the activities, visit this link now for super resources to help you get started:

Try it out

Now keep playing!

Choose from the activities below to test out all of the features of Seesaw.


Fluency and 1-1correspondence

Using little books and the drawing tool to practice pointing to words.

Listening and Comprehension

Screenshot from www.storylineonlone.org with sound button


Writing journal photo with sound button

Word Work

Sight word writing in salt and glitter.


Show youR thinking

Number story math assessment with draw and record tool.

Share activities

Use the note option to explain an activity to support family follow up at home.


Capture observations using photo and label tool.

SOcial Studies

Create a video about people or places you are studying. This book was created in Book Creator as part of a whole class project. It was then uploaded into individual portfolios.


Capture oral language, problem-solving, and play experience using the video tool to narrate and share.

Give it a try...choose a play activity right now. Use the video option in Seesaw to create a video during or after your activity. Consider the ways in which the video helps to share or extend your experience.

Pause for Reflection

Effective uses of technology and media are active, hands-on, engaging, and empowering; give the child control; provide adaptive scaffolds to ease the accomplishment of tasks; and are used as one of many options to support children’s learning.

NAEYC Position Statement 2012

Technology and media offer opportunities to extend learning in early childhood settings in much the same way as other materials, such as blocks, manipulatives, art materials, play materials, books, and writing materials. Screen media can expose children to animals, objects, people, landscapes, activities, and places that they cannot experience in person. Technology can also help children save, document, revisit, and share their real-life experiences through images, stories, and sounds.

NAEYC Position Statement 2012

Technology tools can support the ways educators measure and record development, document growth, plan activities, and share information with parents, families, and communities.

NAEYC Position Statement 2012

As part of the overall classroom plan, technology and interactive media should be used in ways that support existing classroom developmental and educational goals rather than in ways that distort or replace them.

NAEYC Position Statement 2012

Ready for more?

  • Choose from any of the apps below to create a piece to save in the camera roll or directly in Seesaw.
  • Add it to your portfolio.
  • Use the record button to tell more about it.

Two Options for Getting Started

learn how to manage your class

Thoughts from families

Seesaw has been an amazing tool that has really enhanced my sensory perspective of the kindergarten experience. Connecting to the heartfelt music, visual imagery of my daughter and her classmates completing activities, projects and having fun, hearing the pride in her voice as she records herself spelling a sight word or the magical creation of a digital story has been a gift. Kindergarten is a special and transient time for these young learners and I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude at being able to gain a glimpse into this world.
I love how seesaw bridges the gap between school and home. He loves watching the videos at home and often elaborates on the posts, so it sparks a conversation we might not have had otherwise. It is also very user friendly and fun!
We are truly amazed to see the impact of technology and its contribution to teaching and growth at such a young age. We have seen our daughter's mind expand before us as she learned how to approach opportunities and work her way through figuring things out. It has been an amazing experience watching her grow...

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