Maurice Sendak One of the known AUTHORS and illustrators

Maurice Sendak was born on June 10, 1928.

Maurice Sendak was born on June 10, 1928. He lived in Brooklyn, New York. He had a sister, Natalie, and a brother, Jack. Jack and Maurice would draw together a lot. His father would tell him scary stories about demons and ghosts. Maurice then believed that ghosts and demons were real. Maurice would look out the window when he was sick a lot. He would watch this girl named Rosie out his window. Maurice loved to read. He didn't have any children's books, so he would read a lot of comics. Memories from his childhood stayed with Maurice and showed up in his stories.

Maurice watched Walt Disney's movie Fantasia, and it brought his love for music and drawing together. He wanted to become and illustrator when he grew up, which he did.

Maurice Sendak watched Walt Disney’s movie Fantasia, and the movie combined his love for music and drawing. He wanted to be an illustrator when he grew up. In high school, Maurice Sendak drew comic strips for the school paper. After school, he also did All American Comics. His job was to take popular comics and make them into comic books. He made little funny drawings to help create a science book and make it interesting. He found himself a nice job as an artist to make paintings for a window display.

Maurice Sendak became very famous, and his books were loved.

Maurice was known for being an author for young children's books. After Maurice illustrated 20 other books, he decided to write his own book and illustrate it himself. Maurice published a book in 1956, called Kenny’s Window. He thought the pictures were terrible and the text was too long. Others did not agree, and the book was successful enough to encourage him to write another book called Very Far Away. It wasn't until his third book that he wrote a book on his own with no one else at all. He was also known for his book Where the Wild Things Are, published in 1963. It was his belief of ghosts and demons that helped him. The book was translated into 15 languages, and there were more than 2 million copies were sold.Jennie, his beloved dog was getting old, so he wrote a book called Higgelty Piggelty Pop! It not only referred to Jennie, but it referred to his mother. Jennie died a month after the book was published, which was in 1967, and Maurice’s mother died a year later.

This book is called Pierre, published in 1962.
This book is called In the Night Kitchen, published in 1970.
This book is called Where the Wild Things Are, published in 1963. It was Maurice Sendak's most successful books.

When Maurice was little, he had this picture of his dead grandfather over his bed. One day, his mother saw Maurice trying to climb into the picture. His mother thought her dad was trying to lure Maurice into the spirit world, so she tore the picture into small pieces. Years later, Maurice found the pieces and took them to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where the picture was put back together, which took months. From then on, the picture hung over Maurice’s bed. One day, he told people, “I am going to go through the picture,” which he did. Although his death saddened the world, people continued to love and recognize Maurice Sendak’s books. He died on May 8, 2012, at age of 83.

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