The Swahili Tumabto Tanzania

Swahili Tumbato Clothes Traditional & Current
The main religion is Islam.
100% of the population are Muslims

But their beliefs are mixed with some folk tales and they believe in good and evil spirits.

I would bond with them through the Karibu Music Festival

The poster I made for the festival

I would work on the advertisement and bring some Christian Artists to sing.

Why are they so unreached?

  1. They all speak Swahili, which not many people speak.
  2. It is crazy hot and dry!
  3. Everyone is a Muslim, they would be alone.
  4. It can be dangerous
  5. Comfort
  • Soccer
  • Netball (like basketball)
  • Swim
  • track
  • cross-country

Region, Climate and Cultures


Swahili Tumbato is on an Island of the coast of Tanzania and still are recognized Tanzanians. They are not in the 10/40 window


Like I said in the reason it is very hot and humid and not the best environment.


The customs are mostly muslim customs ,like no eating pork, they also don't want women to work, but Tanzanians are fighting to get women equal job rights.


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