Before You Go Home for The Holidays Finals week details and residential student expectations

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The second semester is right around the corner for Liberty University.

But first, in order to finish up the first semester, students began taking finals on Tuesday Dec. 13, after they had the previous day, Monday, off. Testing will continue until Friday, Dec. 16. Cleanliness checks have started and campus restaurants are starting to close down. The testing schedule for the week and hours of operation for dinning, found on the school’s main website are posted below.

After one’s last test is taken, they are expected to be out of the dorms within 24 hours. However, before students can leave they must thoroughly clean their room. This cleaning inspection is known as the white glove check, done at the end of each semester. It is monitored and enforced by each hall’s Resident Assistant, or RA.

Peyton Elswick, RA of Commons 2 floor 5, explained that white glove is different than the usual room checks that are given three times a week. She said that it is a more in depth type of cleaning and inspection, enforced across the campus by Resident Directors, therefore RAs have a lot less jurisdiction to show grace like they would on a regular room check.

Residential students will be charged for not completing the following jobs of white glove cleaning:

All trash removed – $45

Floors cleaned – $30

Bed emptied of linens – $20

Christmas decorations removed – $30

Closets, desks, shelves, and dressers cleaned and $organized – $20

Blinds, windows, and baseboards dusted – $30

All food removed – $20

Refrigerators emptied, thawed and unplugged – $30

Main Campus: Sink, Mirror, and ledge cleaned – $30

Campus East and Quad Living: Common area must be cleaned – $40

Campus East, Commons and Annex: Individual bathroom cleaned (toilets, floors, showers, sinks, mirrors, and counter-tops) – $40

a maximum of $360 can be fined.

After a month off, students will be allowed to return to campus. The first day of classes is Monday, January 16. However, students taking intensives need to be aware that their break is being cut short.

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Broadcast Script

Liberty University students are getting ready to head home for the holidays// However/ before any residential students can leave they must meet all cleaning requirements// Students are expected to tidy up their rooms, wipe down all surfaces, clean toilets and showers as well as take out all of their trash/ This is the school’s strictest cleaning policy/ nicknamed white glove to give a clear picture of just how spotless they expect the place to be// Each of the required jobs come with a fine/ totaling to 360 dollars if they are not completed// Rooms are checked by appointment with Resident Assistants and then again by Resident Directors//

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