My Portfolio Art from a 14 year olD

I started drawing every since I was little but it wasn't till 6th grade when I learned that I loved to draw, color, and paint. The drawings below are drawings that I started around 8th grade.

Three mythical creatures
Attack on Titan cereal idea I had
Tribal design
Haikyuu!! Inspired Shoes
Fan art of Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul
Fan art of Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan
The three different Dippers from Gravity Falls
Practice page for color pencils
A Chibi drawing of me when I was sick
A green eye that I'm really proud of
A cover that I drew for a contest and Won
Warrior designs
Tokyo ghoul eye from the character Hinami

Then the pics below were sketches I did in my math notebooK

I have improved very much from my past and will continue to improve in both traditional and digital art.

Hope you enjoyed my drawings

Thank you for visiting

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