Shrek: The Ogre Behind The Layers its not shrek 5

Shrek: The Ogre behind the Layers, is a documentary about the superstar and memelord, Shrek. We have organized a undercover investigation to find out what has happened in Shrek's swamp. Multiple meme police reports have talked about loud noises and screams coming from his shack. In an interview with Shrek, he has blamed the screaming on the animals and bugs dying around his toilet outhouse.

Shrek's toilet outhouse

Shrek has poor dental hygeine

Shrek at his interview

The police have tried to investigate his shack, however, he has threatened them multiple times with his guns and has sued the mystical magical police department for trespassing on his property without as warrant. The police department did have a warrant, but did not show it to Shrek upon the house invasion, thus bringing a 5,000,000 dollar lawsuit that Shrek won in 2016.

This is a picture of Shrek when a neighbor knocked on his front door at 11:59

I, Joshua Awwad, have taken my best camera-man (Spencer Richards) to the scene to film Shrek and what he does. We hope we will uncover his secrets.

Shred is still at large. He makes movies, does community service, donates his time to memes, but what is he really doing in his spare time? Here is a video of Shrek when neighbors tried to investigate.

Could Shrek be a pervert?

Wish us luck and donate to our kickstarter!


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