Blog #1


What i am planning to do for my project is lift and try to get little bigger and more cut,plus loose a little of weight, i am gonna start uploading videos weekly on Instagram. I am planning to share my project with videos i will start to take my camera and record my work out routines and sets and transfer them to my computer then to my Instagram.I chose to do this project because it wont just make me look good but it will also make me feel good and i will have a healthier life that is why i chose this project because i wanna show people that working out is hard but it will help your health and physical and i would like to encourage you all to give it a shot.

Blog #2


This week what i focused on was arms. Arms is like my favorite body part to workout. So this week I did a lot of different machines like dumbbells, machines, bars, cables, basically do the same muscle with different machines

Blog #3


For Leg Day what I like to start doing is leg press do 5 sets of those every time go up in weight, and do some other machines to start warming up for the last part of our workout which is squats. What I do is do 4 sets of close stance squats and then regular squats.

Blog #4


I start off stretching before anything.After i am done stretching i start with a light walk of half a mile. Then i start running for approximately a mile and a half. And then i do the stairs for 20 minutes.After all this i finish it off with going in the Sauna for 10-15 minutes.

Blog #5

This week i really couldn't find a mentor i was trying to get one but i actually was able to get my partner Alejandro Comparan to be my mentor.He has been going to the gym for 3 years now so i think he is more expearianced than I am. He teaches me how to work out in different ways we are meeting up at the gym every Day.

Blog #6

This week week I focused on doing of course my work outs I did arms,legs,back,and chest. But at the end of my workouts I would do 20 minutes of stairs on level 8. I actúally felt a lot better doing this at the end of my workouts and at the very end go in the sauna for 10-20 minutes which was great.

Blog #7

Today I focused on watching one of my favorite youtubers his name is Bradley Martyn he is a bodybuilder and he just makes very helpful videos on Instagram YouTube. I was watching and learning some new tips from him on how to do different workouts and different ways to grow youre muscle.


For this week one of my main focus was to create my own meal plan so what I did was make some chipotle chicken with rice and cheese allitle bit of salsa and lime juice. So I made 8 meals for the whole week so chicken is great for protein and rice is really good for carbs you need to make sure to get enough carbs and protein in order to gain muscle and loose weight.

Blog #9

This week i am going to be completely honest i have only gone to the gym once i went Monday.The reason being because i have been super busy with school.I had to go to after school detention,had night school and had to go get my suit for prom,and today well i am going to go get a haircut.But i was able/ to record a video Monday and i had the time to edit it and upload it to my Instagram.But i had time to upload a video

Blog #10

Our symposium went great. My partner Alex and I were loud and clear. We stated every topic there is how we show our current progress how it will benefit the community. We received good feedback and bad feedback they said we were loud but then others said we were quiet but overall they loved our presentation. T

Blog #11

My vision to do for this presentation is to show some proof of me reaching my goals.My goals are to reach 300 followers,try to loose 10 punds of body fat and bench 2 plates.


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