Hyper-sexualization and Pedophilia Ashley Kim

Sexual Racism vs. hyper-sexualization

The sexual rejection of a racial minority has been prevalent since the Reconstruction Era in the United States. This subconscious attempt to separate people by their racial identity has become a trend in the 21st century and is influencing our society through racism and fetishization.

The desexualization/dehumanization of east asian men and hypersexualization/fetishization of east asian women have been impacting the youth of these countries, conditioning their minds to standardize this unjustifiable preference. Young boys and girls are subtly seen to be forcing their way into fitting certain standards to attract affection and desire from the general public, whether they be people of color or of caucasian descent.

A Tale for the Time Being

by Ruth Ozeki

A Tale for the Time Being is a novel by Ruth L. Ozeki narrated by two characters, a sixteen-year-old Japanese American girl in Tokyo who keeps a diary, and a Japanese American writer living on an island off British Columbia who finds the diary washed up on shore some time after the 2011 tsunami that devastated Japan. The mention of pedophilia and rape targeted towards her and the young women around her was casual and frequent throughout the novel, but somehow it had nothing to do with the storyline that followed the life of this Japanese American teenager; it was almost as if she had accepted this as a part of her culture.

Acknowledgment and Comprehension

The depiction of people of color as sexual objects will only become to be more normal among more people. Educating the rising generation on pedophilia and stressing the importance of breaking such stereotypes among east asian communities can help to gradually eliminate this disturbing principle.

Why should I consider this?

No one should be normalizing the pedophilic ideals and sexual racism. Not only is it against the law, but it is an undeniable drop in self-esteem when one subjects you as being undesirable due to your racial background. As people of color, we are pre-disposed to internalized hate and increased psychological distress. Who wants to hear that your partner has 'yellow fever'?

"I don't want someone to like me because I fulfill some kind of fetish of theirs."

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