Animal Experimentation and why it should be banned

What do you do when you need to test a new cure for poliomyelitis or gingivitis? What would you have tested it on?

Many scientists have been found cures to some severe illnesses lately, and while that may be great enough to celebrate over later, often they have to use animals for their life-saving medicines. So when you deeply think over it, you may wonder, is it really appropriate to experiment on animals, because I strongly disbelieve that you have to. What may prove successful for an animal may be a poison for humans, which in turn should be a valid point as to why humans should be experimented on. It is unnecessary and unethical, may even kill an animal and is a waste of resources.

What may work on animals may not work on humans. Maybe eighty five HIV vaccines may have worked on non-human primates in 2015, but it failed on humans. How did this happen? Well, for starters, bear in mind (no pun intended with the whole animal topic) that monkeys, or even non-human primates for that matter, and humans are completely different species of animals, despite claims stating that they may be our ancestors.

Some animals are more resistant to the chemicals injected in their cells, which may affect the results of a scientific cure for cancer depending on which animal is used. A snake's venom, if tested on an animal resistant to a snake's venom , would have no effect, thus giving the wrong results for an anti venom. Then there's the fact that the physical appearance of an animal could also change the way the results should be. For example, a penguin adapts to the cold and it is really small compared to humans, so testing cold medicine on penguins is ridiculous and useless.

For my next point, if we can use animals, then why can't we use humans? You can get a more perfect result as we are almost the same species, us humans. If you think that's cruel, then why are you testing animals in the first place. Also, it's less complicated than having to test animals. Still not convinced? Well we've barely scratched the surface.

Not merciful

Thirdly, it is unnecessary and merciless. As mentioned before, if we can test ourselves, then there is no need to experiment on animals, so if we need to experiment a new beauty product, then we can test it on humans. What did one million animals do to us so bad that we needed to experiment on them? Because unless a guinea pig crashed through your house and mugged your parents, then I'm definitely sure there is no excuse for you to test guinea pigs. Are other animals experimenting on humans? No, right? It's unfair that animals are are being experimented on.

To finish off, my beliefs on animal experimentation are that it shouldn't be supported. The formula being experimented may not work on humans, we can use humans and it's unfair. Already some countries have banned this practice, so they are thinking the right way.

The question is, would you experiment on your best friend? Because if you wouldn't, then you can't test on animals.


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