Clueless Costume Design

"The fashion in Clueless is almost its own character."

Mona May was the main costume designer for the movie Clueless. Mona May was nominated for a CDG Award for her work in the Disney live action film "Enchanted". However, she did not win. May also worked in the films Just Go With It, Cheetah Girls: One World, Camp Rock 2: Final Jam, The Haunted Mansion, and countless others. May has worked on many Disney Channel original movies and regular Disney movies.

Mona May

The Clueless costume designs represented the style for that time very accurately. Mona May took ideas right off the street and magazines and incorporated them into her work in the movie.

90s time period clothing

The costumes in the movie Clueless relate directly to the clothes and trends happening at that time, the 90s. The trends were very distinct and Mona may portrayed them perfectly and accurately throughout the movie. Since Cher was wealthy in the movie, her outfits related to the more high end teenagers rather than the typical 90s kid. Some specific characteristics were the plaid print, the shift dresses that Cher wore, and the baggy and loose look the boys wore. There was no possible way the designer could have done any better. Each outfit the character wore personified them and the time period precisely. She was very meticulous when it came to choosing which piece went best with which characters personality and her dedication showed in the exactitude of her work.

The costumes in Clueless were obviously inspired by the fashion trends at the time that the movie came out but it also influenced a lot of trends as well. Plaid was already a big trend in the 90s but when people saw Cher's yellow plaid set, the trend grew. It definitely influenced lower class people to dress the way Cher dressed, but on a budget.

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