TIME CAPSULE Kenndle Moore

1. What Juniors should know about senior year: Juniors don't skip class your senior year. Also when the scholarships come out; sign up for as many as you can.

2. What incoming Freshmen should know: It's ok to play around, but take to the extreme. Also keep your grades up.

3. In 5 years I will probably be just graduating from college. In 10 years I will most likely have moved out of state.

4. What are my fears in the future: My fear in the future is that I will fail.

5. List of my favorite ( Music, TV, Movies, Food): When it comes to music I like anything that sounds good. I watch netflix on TV. I don't have a favorite movie because I don't watch them. I don't have a favorite food. I like all food except for broccoli.

6. 5 Items that I would leave behind:

7. What are my hidden talents: I don't have any hidden talents.

8. What is the one thing I wished everyone understood: Something people should understand is standing still in life is like taking steps backward.

9. My favorite lesson in school: My favorite lesson is if you work hard good things will come.

10. 5 compliments: Davon: You're a very nice person. Daniel: he has nice jordans. Jenny: her drawings are amazing. Mya: She is a great dancer. Luke: he a good baseball player.

11. How do I want to be remembered: I wanted to win state and be up on the athletic wall, but I couldn't because of two injuries.

12. My parting word is bye.

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