James Joyce Writer, FAther, fRiend

James Joyce was an Irishman whose literary works contributed a great deal to the 20th century.

In his story "Ulysseys", Joyce uses the "dance of the hours" technique in which every hour of the day he creates a new writing style.

Joyce's use of vocabulary was unheardof. In just "Ulysseys", he uses more vocabulary than in all of Shakespeare's works.

He used a "Stream of Conciousness" writing style. This style allows the reader to take a look inside the characters mind and hear their thoughts.

His main themes were love, death, and freedom. These can be found in a number of his works.

In "Ulysseys", other major themes are time and conciousness.

In "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man", the themes are religion, spirituality, sin and identity

His most well known works are:

  • Ulysseys
  • Finnegans Wake
  • Dubliners
  • Chamber Music
  • Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
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