The Story Of My Travels the story of me odysseus


The Land of Cicones, I went there for provisions, my men ended up raiding the town taking all the food, water, gold, and women. The gods were watching it and they were disappointed in them so they punished me. That’s one of the reasons why I lost so many of my men.

Lotus Eaters

After my men and I left the Cicones we ended up on the Island of the Lotus Eaters. I sent a few of his men to go meet the Lotus Eaters. When the men met the Lotus Eaters they got some food and a drink that had nectar from Lotus flowers in it. What I soon learned but the men didn’t know was that the nectar made you lose all desire of home. The Lotus Eaters did not mean to cause any harm, they simply just wanted to treat their guests well. Once I found them I realized I had to take them home by force for their own good. We did eventually get back to the ship and left.


My men and me docked on the island of the cyclopes. At the time I didn't know who lived there so being the leader I am I wanted to figure out who, or what, lived on the island. I wandered around until I found a cave. My men caught up to me it was soon night fall so we burnt an offering to the gods and feasted. That night, in walks the ugliest thing a cyclopes, Polyphemus son of Poseidon. Behind him, Polyphemus pushed a slab in front of the door and locked us in. My men and I scattered to the shadows. Then, Polyphemus ushered in his ewes. When he finished his work, he poked the fire. When it flared up, he noticed me. Polyphemus asked us who us were and where we are from. Me, being the “bravest” and most cunning of the men, spoke up, claiming that my name is Nohbdy, from Troy and that my ship had been crashed among the rocks of the island. Polyphemus being upset at us for no reason grabbed up two of my men and bashed their heads against the rocks, then ate them whole. Polyphemus slept through the night. In the morning, the cyclopes ate two more of my men, then let his ewes out of the cave. Once Polyphemus was gone, I looked to my men with a plan for escape. I had them take the branch of an olive tree and make a spear. Once Polyphemus came back to his cave, bringing all of his rams, I offered him some wine. Polyphemus accepted and drank until he passed out. Next, me and four of my men took the spear and stabbed Polyphemus’ eye! Polyphemus wakes up, of course, only now he’s blind. I tied my men to the bottom of sheep and hoists myself to the bottom of the largest sheep. Polyphemus, not being able to see, checks whatever leaves through the door, trying to trap me and my men. Because we were under the sheep, Polyphemus doesn’t notice we are on our way out of there. once my men and I make it back to the ship, I wanted the cyclops to know who had defeated him so i yelled back, “I, Odysseus of Ithaca, fooled the cyclopes, Polyphemus!”

The Island of Aeolia

After my men and I left the Island of the Cyclopes we stopped at Aeolia, the island of Aeolus the wind god. Aeolus treated me very kindly and gave me a bag of winds. The bag had all of the west winds bundled up in it and I was not to open it until we got back to Ithaca. There was one problem though, my men got to curious of what was in the bag. They thought it was gold that I was keeping from them, so they opened it before they reached Ithaca. This made our journey back home even longer and harder.


After the wind storm was over my ships landed on Telepylos, the land of the Laestrygonians. Three of my men went onto the land and Laestrygonian king eats on of my men. When this happens all of the others ran for the ships, but, the Laestrygonians smash 11 of the ships. They start feeding on some of my men. I orders my men to my ship, and told them they have to hurry. We rowed away from Telepylos as fast as possible.


My men and I land on Circe’s island, Aeaea, after we got away from Telepylos. I sent half of my men to go look for someone to get food and water. My men that were sent, heard Circe’s singing, and as they get closer to her home they see animals that should be attacking, but they are just sitting there staring at them. When they reach the house Circe feeds them and then turns them into pigs. Eurylokhos one of my men ran back to the ship to tell me what happened. Being the caring leader I am. I decided to go to Circe and try to get her to let my men go. On my way to Circe’s home I ran into Hermes the messenger god. Hermes gave him a magical flower that can keep me protected from Circe’s spells and Hermes also gave me some advice. When I got to Circe’s home she offers me some of the drugged wine. Knowing I was safe from it, drank it no problem and she waited for it to change me into a pig. She was really surprised and confused when it didn’t change me. She asks me to make love with her, but I refuses to unless she swears to a binding oath. When she does we did make love always thinking of my love at home. Afterwards Circe’s nymphs bathe and feed me. Thinking of my love at home Penelope, I told her that I wanted my men and I to be freed. After she refused we had to stay another year. Once I asked again , she told me that I first must head for the Underworld and look for Tiresias.

Teiresias and The Land Of The Dead

My men and I head for the Underworld. When we got there I entered it alone. I searched for Tiresias, but in order to find him I had to sacrifice a ewe and a lamb. When I did these sacrifices, I had to fight off other spirits. Eventually I did find Tiresias. Tiresias told me how to get home.


Before Odysseus left Circe’s island she warned him of the Sirens. She told him that the Sirens are creatures that lure men towards them, causing the the ships to break on the rocks, with their singing. He had to put beeswax in the oarsman's ears so they did not hear the singing and steer towards the island. He also had to be tied to the mast of the ship if he wished to listen and that no matter how much begging was done, his men could not untie him until they were past the island.

Charybdis and Scylla

To get home I and my men had to pass through two cliffs. The Scylla lived on one cliff and the Charybdis lived on the other side. The Scylla is a six headed creature that took six of my men from each ship that passed by. The Charybdis lived under the water and took all my men and the whole ship. I had to decide which cliff I would have my men row by. It was a decision of losing six men versus all of my men and my ship. I chose to go on the side with the Scylla. I found a way to distract the Scylla from taking six of my men. I ha my men through a lamb onto the cliff and the Scylla ate that instead. We finally made it through the passing way and headed for our next destination.


Our next stop on the journey was the land of Helios, the sun god. I was warned not let his men harm the cattle. If they were to leave the cattle unharmed they would all return to Ithaca. If they harmed the cattle they would all die except for me, alone I would return to Ithaca, but with a great delay. I ordered them to leave the cattle alone. They agree to only eat the food Circe gave them. The winds end up really bad and we were all stuck there for over a month. While slept took over my body one of my men then suggested that they find the best cattle and sacrifice the cattle to the gods. In doing so they make Helios very mad. When I returned and found out about what they had done I was furious with my men. When the winds die down we set off on their journey again, but we ran into a storm. The man who steered the ship got killed. Zeus sent down a lighting bolt and they all are tossed off the ship. I tied some parts of the ship back together and held onto that for safety. The winds sent me back to the Scylla and Charybdis. I grabed onto the brand of a fig tree and held on while the Charybdis eats the rest of his ship. The Charybdis regurgitates his mast and keel so I being so keen on getting, jumped onto those and head off to sea again.


I ended up at Ogygia where the goddess Calypso lives. I stayed there for a few years. Athena being on my side eventually steps in and asks Zeus if he could let me go. Zeus has Hermes go to Calypso and tells her that she must allow me to leave and return home to Ithaca. She told me that I can go, but then she tries to trick me into staying by saying “Is she more beautiful than I am, I mean I’m a goddess?” I replied by saying something to woo her into not being upset with me, like “No one is more beautiful than you, but she is my wife and I need to return home to her.” I then sets sail for Ithaca.


While I was on my way home to Ithaca, Poseidon not in my favor realizes what Zeus has done and creates a storm. My shipped is wrecked and I starts to drown. Then the sea goddess Ino comes to my rescue and puts a veil over me that keeps him safe. I washed up on Scheria the land of the Phaeaians at nighttime. That night while Princess Nausica is sleeping Athena appears in her dream, disguised as her friend. She tells Nausica to go to the riverbank to wash her clothes the next morning. Nausica goes with a few of her handsmaidens and they take off their clothes to wash them. They start playing ball and I woke up. I saw them and they are all afraid except for Nausica. Nausica lets me wash himself up alone and Athena makes me look very handsome so that Nausica will fall in love with me. Nausica brings me to her father, Alcinous. Alcinous is so impressed by me that he asks me to take his daughters hand in marrige. We had dinner the next night and asked a blind bard, Demodocus, to tell the story of the Trojan horse. During the story I breaks down and Alcinous asks him who I am, where I am from, and where I iam going. I told Alcinous my whole story and Alcinous gives me a ship that will take me home the next day. That's how I ended up here, home to Ithaca

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