The Diamond

This most treasured jewel is also one of the most common heirlooms. At the heart of the diamond is it's brilliance. The stone, most often given as cherished gift of romance, increases to near infinite value the more it is handed down. It can represent a love that bridges all generational gaps.

But the beauty so enjoyed and prized is only so because of the way the stone so perfectly bends light to dazzle the eye. The eyes behold the sparkle and quickly inform the brain & the heart to love the thing. The deeper the eyes looks into the prisms of splendor, the deeper the affection for the jewel. A stone is now a treasure of the heart. A treasure that is not easily let go of, or forgotten.

But the stone was not always so brilliant. It was once dull, and only valued in a relatively small way. The treasure hunter who first discovered the stone knew only the stories of the future value that could be uncovered. The person knew it was a thing worth keeping - but only if to pursue its greater worth. As time passed, the diamond revealed to its new owner where to make the perfect cuts that would reveal its ultimate splendor, while at all times assuring the owner that should any cut be left undone, the owner's future joy would be compromised. Only when all the cuts were well understood and made would the full value of the treasure be realized by its owner.

Such as it is with God. He is the greatest of all treasures. His kingdom is of such infinite value that anyone who sees the future of it will rid themselves of all that they are to obtain it. This commitment to the ridding process is the nature of true salvation.

This, my children, is the most important heirloom I can ever leave you with - the knowledge that the value you saw when you first discovered the purest of Treasures is only the very beginning of your appreciation for its worth. Like the most perfectly cut diamond, God is in absolute balance. His attributes are perfectly in tune with each other. This is how He produces so much glory, and why you must learn to appreciate Him for all that He is. Gaining a full appreciation of the Treasure is a lofty pursuit that will consume your entire lifetime. And it is worth it!

Of course this will not be an easy pursuit. For most of the world will never be capable of seeing the value & beauty of your new Treasure. It will be a great mystery to them, and as such they'll hate it. Yet that will not be the greatest obstacle you face - no, that obstacle will come in the form of other Treasure hunters who have stopped pursuing the fullness of the Treasure's value because they have become overly enamored with the first of God's attributes revealed to them: Love. The irony of course being that they do not fully appreciate that attribute because they don't appreciate the attribute that makes love shine the most: Wrath. Of course, this attribute would be terribly flawed were it not for Justice, Mercy, and Grace - all of which also abide perfectly within the treasure. God has many attributes.

My first and foremost prayer for you is that God will never allow you to settle for anything less than the fulness of Himself. That way you will know how great of a treasure He is, and by realizing the treasure be able to say: "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain!" - DAD


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