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What are quotation marks and commas?

Quotation Marks

Quotation marks are punctuation marks that are used to signify quotes, excerpts from larger works, and the names of small works.

"Will you use quotation marks correctly?"-The Team at Quotation Fun Station

For example:

David asked, "R.J., did you turn in our group project?"


Cameron wanted include a line from the works of the famous poet, G. S. Brandon: "Vast expanses of space upon me, my insignificance reigns supreme."


Commas are punctuation marks used to list objects and join dependent and independent clauses.

Commas are better than colons, semicolons, periods, apostrophes, and exclamation marks, but not question marks.

For example:

Maya has projects from social studies, science, math, French, and English to complete to complete over spring break.


After listening to a long lecture by the substitute teacher, Emerson started her assignment.

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