angel island compounds Angel island buildings

As you can see on Angel Island the area is very protected and no one can escape because there is barbed wire, towers, and grids.

This is a video that shows the island compounds with the barbed wires, grids and more.

Here is where the people were interrogated when they arrived on the island.

Here is a public bathroom where the people took a shower and other things.

Angel island is a beautiful island but you can see here it looks like a prison, and the detainees were the Asian peoples and after long arduous interrogations these people finally were allowed in America and became citizens.


Created with images by Photographing Travis - "Angel Island" • andyrusch - "Angel Island Immigration Station" • Marcin Wichary - "untitled image" • allanjder - "20101016 Angel Island_DSC3240_1_2_3.jpg" • simonallardice - "This dorm housed the 'European detainees'"

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