Jaguars By: Maitreyi Kukade

Two baby cubs fighting.

There are so many questions people want to know about jaguars. Well, I have four questions about jaguars: How many cubs do they lay at a time? What do they eat? How long do jaguars live? And, Where do jaguars live? Well I"m going to anwser all these questions for you!

How many cubs do jaguars lay at a time? Well, to be sure, they lay 1-4 cubs. These cubs stay with their mother for 2 years. Their mother feeds the cub with milk from its body.

What do they eat? Jaguars are meat eaters. They eat wild pigs, deer,fish and other large land animals. They always hunt in the night.

Jaguar eating.

Where do jaguars live?

Jaguars live in the wild in South America. They used to live in Mexico and the United States of America. Jaguars also live in swamps desserts and rain forests.

Jaguar in its habitat.

How long do jaguars live? Jaguars live in the wild for 12-15 years. Jaguars are very endangered. Please help these animals. jaguars can .live up to 15- 20 years old.

I got my information from Pebble go and Kids info bits.

Created By
Maitreyi Kukade


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