Fernandez Brothers The ARt of dinner music - FLAMENCO CHILL

We have had the pleasure of welcoming the Fernandez Brothers into our Lounge several times over the past year. Pedro and Paul’s professionalism and engagement with their music and audience has been a highlight for Lana’s Lounge.

- Shan Bricker, Owner, Lana's Lounge

The purpose of dinner music is to enhance the dining experience. It should complement the ambiance, the cuisine and service, as well as the conversation.

The Fernandez Brothers are a classical guitar duo featuring Pedro and Paul Fernandez, who are actual brothers. Based out of Kitchener-Waterloo, they specialize in providing beautiful, ambient, volume-aware fine dinner music, which is regrettably something of a lost art these days. Their lively yet relaxing instrumental repertoire features a diverse mix of Spanish flavored rhythms, melodies and tempos, all played at an ambient volume that encourages mingling, eating and socializing. Students of music and the guitar since childhood, and with over 25 years as professional performing artists, they are proud of their ability to accommodate a variety of settings including fine restaurants, art galleries, weddings, charity events and private social functions.

In a world where musicians are cookie cutter and all sound alike, the Fernandez Brothers go above and beyond. They have a way of playing to your soul which leaves you wanting to hear more and being glad you had the opportunity to hear them play.

- Angie Hill, Radio Host, 99.5 K-Fun

Beautiful Music While You Dine & Mingle

The Fernandez Brothers at the 2018 Great Canadian Buttertart Festival (left) and being interviewed by Coral Andrews at 98.5 CKWR-FM (right)
It was the best dinner music ever!

- Brenda, Patron at Lana's Lounge

The Fernandez brothers are a delight to your soul. Their music transforms your daily life into a special endeavour.

- Sanela Dizdar, Artist, Uptown Gallery Waterloo

About the Fernandez Brothers

Pedro Fernandez is a guitarist and composer. He has performed all over North America since the 1990's with various bands including a popular tribute show to Garth Brooks. In 2018 he released a Flamenco Chill album of original music which has been well received and at present has an impressive 20,000 plus streams on Spotify. He has performed his music in various venues in the KW area including a concert at the Kitchener Public Library. His second Flamenco Chill album is set to be released in 2019.

Paul Fernandez is a guitar player that has played many styles professionally on stage and in the studio. He is a published author of the guitar instructional book “Your Best Guitar Lesson” and a monthly contributor to Breakdown Magazine. Paul was recently handpicked to help lead the 2018 Blues Guitar Workshop for the Grand River Blues Society.

Performing in 2018 at Lana's Lounge (left) and at the 4th Annual Homewood Hilton Celebration (right)

Bookings & Inquiries

For booking information email info@fernandezbros.com or by phone at (519) 498-1411 or (437) 998-5592

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