Denton Kachel story

Pluto,the newest of santa's reindeer ,had just been accepted into Rudolfs Reindeer Acadamy. He was going to learn to fly. On the first day of school he woke up early got ready and almost flew with joy that he might meet a new friend. Right as he trots into the opening doors he is Instintly dumped with a green disturbing liquid. He looks around for the reindeer who dumped the green garbage over him. There was no one to be seen. Then all of a sudden he hears snickers from around the corner. he stealthfully creeps to the corner just as he sees two reindeer setting up another trap for him. Pluto sadly has bad eye sight and also has glasses but had lost them when the green goo was poured all over him he noticed slightly that the two reindeer where really plump and were snickering very loudly. It was about half an hour when Pluto was bistrupted from trying to find his glasses by the noise of a ho ho ho that made plutos ears almost explode with joy. He immediately forgets about his glasses and runs to where he thinks he's hearing the sound and there he is Santa Claus there Pluto is just standing still like someone who had just been hit in the face with marshmallows that were stall and been shoved down his throut when Santa Clause sees him he quickly

This is Pluto before school happened

He quickly walkes to Pluto and says are you the new one that I chose to be the new flyer. By the way what in sant ho ho happened to lookes like you've been dumped with doodle stroodle says santa. He and Pluto walked down the hall and Pluto gets sent down to the showers and washes off the goop then goes back to the opening door and picked up his glasses just by luck and was

Sent to the office to get papers that told him what he would be doing. He was so excited even though he had been dumped with green gooy gump. His first class was just ending when he walked in. He walked up to the teacher and said hello when they were done talking. Pluto sat down at the table where mr. pumperninckle told him to sit his. Class mates glumly said hello and went back to doing there worksheet which was a sheet with the tragectergy of which a reindeer must be at in order to fly. Pluto asked why everyone was so glum but no one awnsered and every time he would ask all he got was a point at mr.pumperninckle.

Deranged moose

As the day went on all his class mates were sad and always did what the teacher told them to do without saying anything they were in the last course of the day before they went home Pluto shouts fun and all the reindeer fly out of the building all except Pluto who is almost angry at mr.pumperninckle Pluto says to him you have no right to be angry at these reindeer and from then on all the reindeer loved Pluto and let him play reindeer games the end

P.S Pluto became famous and one year he led all the reindeer to delever all the presents with santa.


Created with images by Alexas_Fotos - "moose christmas christmas motif" • teamstickergiant - "Reindeer" • The Akermarks - "Reindeer" • A_of_DooM - "reindeer card"

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