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This is my photography project for the brief I chose which was skyline, my enitial idea for this was I could go and travel to places I wouldn't have gone to on my own will, for mostly every shoot apart from one I traveled to a different place, I think this was the best decision to make for this particular project. The photographers I chose to research and analyse were photographs that traveled all over the place and influenced me with all there photographs I chose to study.

These first photographs are a few I took while I was in New York doing a shoot in the style of the photographer Jeff Lombardo, I really enjoyed doing this shoot as it gave me a chance to go somewhere else and take different photographs.

These next few photos are from my second shoot in London on Southbank, this was a fun shoot to do because it made me go to London and take some photographs in the style of Sean Nash.

For my third photoshoot I went to Portsmouth Harbour and took some photographs of the sunset like the photographer Sean Rooster, this was a good shoot because it meant I has to play around with the camera settings so it was a challenging shoot.

In my fourth photoshoot I did some black and white 35mm images so therefore can not add them onto this page, but I went down to Royal Victoria Country Park and took some photos of the skyline and the old hospital down there. I then moved on to my fifth photoshoot which I did while I was up in London but I photographed these on a separate card, I did this photoshoot in the style of Will Pearson who takes landscape photos and then crops them so they are quite long but short, this required me to take the photos and then adjust them in photoshop.

In my sixth and final photoshoot I went to take photographs of all the stars in the sky, I didn't study a photographer that shot images of the sky because I couldn't find one due to copyright issues but I found some images which I put in my mood board at the front of my project book, this was a shoot I would have done for a test shoot but if it turned out how I wanted it to then I will use it for my official shoot, luckily it turned out the way I wanted to and better. Again I went on location for this shoot, this time I went to Itchen Valley Country Park when it got real dark.

In conclusion I have learnt a lot with this project for example new techniques have been used while shooting all the images for this project I learnt about using longer exposures more than what I already knew I also learnt about how staying in one place isn't always the best thing for doing these types of shoots, you need to go out and travel to different places so you get a variety and not one image in the same place. overall I had a great time doing this project and I am very pleased with the outcome of all my photographs.

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