Loving v. Virginia By Ansley Thompson

(P) On June 1958, Midred Jeter and Richard Loving got married in the District of Columbia because of the laws that permitted interracial marriage. After the marriage, they decided to return to Virginia into Caroline County. During October of 1958, the grand jury of the Circuit Court charged the Lovings for violating a state law. On January 6th, the Lovings were pleaded guilty. Their punishment for disobeying the law was spending one year in jail. However, the judge was willing to suspend the sentence for 25 years if they both left Virginia and broke off all communication between one another.

(Q)Loving v. Virginia: The Case ProfileThe case of Loving v. Virginia took place on April 10th of 1967. The case resulted from the appeal of the original arrest. Richard Perry Loving and Lidred Jeter Loving filed an appeal against the state of Virginia because they felt the state’s law was a direct violation of the couple’s right to marry and their marital privacy. These Lovings claimed that the state law violated their 14th Amendment rights to pursuit life, liberty and happiness. The State of Virginia initially offered a reduced sentence so long as the couple left the state. The Lovings didn’t think this was an acceptable compromise so they took their case to the Supreme Court. The case of Loving v. Virginia was decided on June 12th of 1967 and was heard in the United States Supreme Court. Loving v. Virginia: The VerdictIn the Loving v. Virginia case, the United States Supreme Court over-turned the Virginia state law by claiming it was in direct violation of the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause, which forces all governments to treat every citizen in an equal manner when passing laws. The government must only pass laws that are in line with the 14th Amendments provision that every citizen has the right to pursuit happiness. In Loving v. Virginia, the United States Supreme Court added that the law was not only a violation of the 14th Amendment, but also a violation of an American citizen’s individual freedoms.
(Q)Richard sent a message to the justices: “Tell the Court I love my wife and it is just not fair that I cannot live with her in Virginia.”
(S)On July 11th,1958, around 2:00 am, a sheriff by the name of R. Garnett Brooks and a few of his deputies broke into the Lovings Bedroom shined their flashlights straight at them. The sheriff then asks what Richard was doing in bed with Mildred. Mildred simply says "I'm his wife." and makes a gesture towards the marriage license.
(P) : A movie about the story of The Lovings was put on screen on April 15th, 2011.

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