Therapy with natural heme iron efficacy and tolerance

Developed in Sweden, natural heme iron therapy has been widely used for more than thirty years.

There are only two forms of bio-available iron

Natural heme iron from meat products is iron bound to natural hemoglobin or myoglobin. The OptiFer® series of supplements are made with natural bovine hemoglobin.

So-called non-heme iron is otherwise chemically bonded iron, and is found in plants, dairy and the usual synthetic iron supplements. Non-heme iron has to disintegrate before uptake in the stomach can happen. Uptake is only a fraction of heme iron uptake and tolerance is notoriously low for non-heme iron.

The uptake of non-heme iron is also positively or negatively affected by other foods consumed simultaneously. This is not the case for heme iron.

Heme iron is absorbed in the gut as a whole unit
Heme iron has the best uptake and tolerance of all forms.

Regular non-heme oral iron supplements are chemical compounds that need to disintegrate so that iron ions can be absorbed by the body.

Since absorption of free iron ions is rather low, (the absorption rate is only between 2 and 4 %) this will leave much of them in the gut after disintegration.

Free iron ions do not exist in nature, they are very reactive and will give disturbancies. This is the reason regular oral non-heme iron supplements give side-effects.

Well-tolerated and efficient

The natural form of iron

Heme iron is natural for man and still is the best and most efficient way of absorbing the iron we all need to live and for our bodies to function properly. In a normal diet heme iron from meat products plays a large role. This is and has always been the most important source of iron for us.

Natural bovine hemoglobin is not only well-tolerated and an efficient source of iron. It means also a wealth of micronutrients and for example amino acids and signal substances that together make the formation of blood naturally more efficient.

The uptake and tolerance of heme iron will not change even over a longer time period. This is good news for chronics, since non-heme iron supplements will usually give problems with tolerance and uptake sooner or later. This means another form of life-saving therapy must be considered.

Bovine and porcine hemoglobin in food supplement tablets have been in use in Scandinavia since the 1970-ies with no serious side effects ever reported and no cases of poisoning in literally millions of users. Efficacy is good and there is an extremely good record of tolerance.

Heme iron will work in any clinical situation without side-effects. Other simultaneously ingested food or drink will not affect uptake.

The Optifer® series of heme iron supplements. Well-tolerated and efficient. Dosage 1 - 2 tablets per day. At any time.
Heme iron is safe

Heme iron uptake is not affected by simultaneously ingested food, drink or medication. It will also not block the uptake of zinc as non-heme iron in doses over 60 mg will.

The uptake of iron is constant, also after surgery and blood donation. This is not the case for non-heme iron. Heme iron uptake is also not affected by proton-pump inhibitors such as Omeprazole/Losec.

In clinical studies the side-effects of heme iron is at placebo level and efficacy is good. No therapies with heme iron are abandoned.

There are many chronics who need iron constantly

Therapy over longer time

The uptake remains high in all clinical situations, such as for example after stomach surgery. Heme iron does not have to be discontinued when using intravenous treatment. This can help prolong intervals between painful and uncomfortable injections.

Heme iron tolerance or efficacy will not change over time. It also makes for easy self-medication and freedom to travel.

Heme iron is the most efficient form of oral supplementation. Administration is easy and the price is reasonable.

The NutriCare Division of MediTec Group produces and markets the OptiFer® line of heme iron supplements.
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