Hunger Games Book Review By:Cole, MMs

Suzanne Collins, the author of the Hunger Games series, and lots of others has entertained me and thousands of others! In a forest with nobody near her sits Katniss watchful and alert to every rustle, every acorn hitting the ground, and every drip of water.

Katniss is a poor girl who has to hunt for food to provide for her family. Until she volunteers for the Hunger Games to spare her sister Primrose/Prim. Then her only challenge is to face 24 other contestants and somehow win to make her family rich. In the arena, she has to run, fight, team, hunt, and treat injuries. When she finds Peeta, it’s a fight for them to stay alive against the others.

Therefore my favorite part of the book is when Katniss teams with Rue. Rue, a small, tan, young, and birdlike girl, teams with Katniss and they outsmart and trick the “Career Pack only to find out they’ve killed Rue.” I like this part because Rue is sneaky and elusive, like me in video games. I also like how they team up knowing later they might have to finish the other off. Finally I like how when Rue dies Katniss decorates her in flowers and sings.

The life lesson of the book is to know who you love and to protect them. She proves this by volunteering for Prim, protecting her family by hunting for food, and protecting Peeta.

Therefore you should read this book full of action, romance, adventure, and fighting. It has love because when Katniss finds Peeta injured she kisses him a ton of times. It has action because Katniss has to run and hunt. It has fighting along with everything everyone does. Finally it has adventure because they are in mountain/forest terrain for everything. This book has kept me up all night long with all the twists, turns, and life threatening moments. I am extremely picky about what I read and I was overjoyed when I read this. What will happen to Katniss and Peeta, and who will win the Hunger Games?

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Cole Brown


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