Learning Guide 1 Photography a period

Originality is dead or is it?

Each photographer is different. They use different types of photography to express how they feel and what type of photographer they are. Each pinhole photographer has their own way of showing how they feel and how they express their type of photography to people. No photographer is the same. What I learned is that time is linear and that no picture can be taken the same, twice.

Answer to the questions

1- Photography is not only an art, but it is a way to express how one feels. For example, if someone takes pictures in all black and white then they might be sad. If someone takes pictures of nature then they might be adventurous and creative.

2- Yes, it is a way to get someone to look at pictures in different ways. It is also a way that photographers can use their creativity to show other people that they are special in some way, because not every photographer is the same.

Pinhole Photographer I researched- Scott Speck

Scott is an astronamer, physicist, engineer, and computer scientist by profession, and a photographer by passion. Scott self taught himself with no formal training. His photographer concentrates on film based pinhole(lensless) photography, most notably of architecture, landscapes, and portraits. He also does lensed photography with large format film cameras and digital single lens reflex cameras. He also resides in Baltimore.

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