Malaria Parasite By: noor taher

Malaria's Life Cycle

  • Involves two hosts.
  • Female anopheles mosquito and a human
  • Malaria-infected female anopheles mosquito injects sporozoites into human.
  • The sporozoites enter the human bloodstreams
  • Makes way to the liver and infects liver cells.
  • Matures into schizonts then break down and releases merozoites.
  • Merozoites burst out liver cell and goes back to bloodstream.
  • Infects healthy red blood cells.
  • Reproducing and breaking the cell releasing more merozoites.
  • Infects other cells leading to massive damage of red blood cells.
  • Few of infected cells develop into gametocytes
  • Another mosquito may be ingested during the upcoming feeding.
  • Inside that mosquito, the gametocytes develop into new sporozoites.

Sticky Red Blood Cells

  • Malaria killing liver and red blood cells
  • Everytime a cell bursts parasites spread into bloodstream
  • Causing blood to become sticky
  • Causes symptoms


Treating Blood Clots

  • Warfarin

Malaria Cure

  • Chloroquine
  • Primaquine

The End


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