Dear deepika Happy Birthday

This is Priya Sharma.

Born on 30th October 1990, she set a precedent in being the most charming and the most sweetest person one can even come across. Having excelled all her life, she looks forward to make an empire of her own. A true showcase of strong character, person and an awesome friend.

Piyudi being piyudi :P

Here is the list of things piyudi does in her regular days:

Dress up quite good sometimes, take pictures(100s) of them. Enjoy festivals.

Priya is a complete family lady, or let me rephrase it- a mumma's girl. Her happiness and sorrow depends on her. She happily enjoys all the festive seasons.

When she's not home, one thing she sure loves doing is to HOG.

Yes, she's a big time foodie and a brilliant cook! I mean you can either go to her empty stomach and she'll rejuvenate it or take her out, she'll empty the restaurant.

(Sach me)

Beware! Most of her mood swings are due to it. So like a car's fuel tank, keep her full.

She's bit careless on the cosmetic front majorly because she loves being orignal.

But, Boy! When she groom. She goes Angels and Fairies.

Also, she loves dragging people to Meshail and making faces amidst that. In all, she loves every but of it. 😊

She LOVES shopping. No matter what, she's always up for a shopping session.

May it be groceries, clothing or accessories. You must consider her agreement for a tag-along.

She's also got bit of a taste, so don't worry she'll help you choose stuff you need.

DISCLAIMER - Don't mess with her while you shop, or don't just say no to what she demands. It'll be your life's biggest mistake.

I have seen people regret not getting her a hair band and a weight loss juice. Actually, i have seen worse!

She, a wanderlust!

There a no territories that uncharted by "thy great highness".

Madam ko sab pata hai!

She loves meeting new people, making friends, going places, exploring new things.

Tip: Make her smile, you'll enjoy rest of your trip. She's happy go lucky!!

10 March 2016

Aakash Dave ki Entry 😎

"Tum mile, dil khile, aur jine ko kya chahiye ". -piyudi

The bond kept on growing stronger and stronger. And today they are more than anything to each other
All I'll say piyudi is, Keep smiling, have faith, wiggle your hair, flaunt yourself, sing, dance, enjoy and most importantly LIVE. You are more than what you think. You are "Amulya".
Be happy. Stay blessed!


Cheers, ADX!

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