Environment/Darkness BY MIlan Barrault-Fandre

For this photo, I took a shot of my large tree that sits deep in the mountains near my house. I tried to get most vivid part of the tree by including all of the branches that leave the base at the same point. There is a lot twists and curves that intrigues me. In photoshop I then made the background black and white to add emphasis on the tree and its large branches.
For this photo I tried to use half of the shot to include a main aspect and for the other half to be complete darkness because of the theme. There is a lot of Ivy in this picture that creates the main color. There is also a nice metal star that lies below the overhang. I took this photo outside a barn that was inside the woods.
For this photo I stepped outside of my house during the rain and captured a shot of the rain falling down on the huge trees that overlook the ground. The trees large branch resembles a claw grabbing for the rain, trying to feed itself, which I thought was interesting. I really like the rain droplets that cover the entire photo and show the environment theme very well.
This photo emphasizes the contrast between the vivid wild life and the absolute darkness. The rain drops on the leaves add texture to the photo as well as the close up of the photo. I took this with my zoom lens and tried to capture the rain on the leaves which turned out pretty cool.
I took this photo with my zoom lens and tried to add contrast between the green and darkness. This is the same plant as the last one, however, it is more zoomed out which adds a sense of size. In photoshop, I made the contrast more visible and turned up the brightness a tad bit for more effect.
For this photo I zoomed into, with my zoom lens of course, a batch of grass and greens and caught the rain dripping off of the small leaves. I used a high shutter speed and caught the rain as well as the green that surrounds the entire photo.
This photo has a lot of color in it; from the red berries, to the red/brown branches and twigs, to the green leaves. I really enjoy this photo because it has a lot of vibrancy and the wet branches and twigs make it even better I believe.
I saw a small leaf and thought that I could zoom in on it and create a cool photo with it. I took the photo and saw the water light glistening off of the wet surface that lied upon the leaf. The black spots also add for a cool contrast from the green and yellow. The color of the leaf also is a really cool mix between light green and greenish yellow.
This photo has the feeling that a lot of environments are collage into this one photo. The cactus and the succulents make it seem that in inhabits a desert, and the clovers and ivy make it seem like its in the forest. As well as the rocks with white mold on them makes it seem the beach with the rocks and coral on them.
I like this photo because it consists of a wide array of ivy and reddish brown vines that connect to all of the ivy. The water also shines off due to the light.
Created By
Milan Barrault-Fandre

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