Loy Norrix's library gets a facelift Photos and cutlines by lilly macinnis

Junior Virginia Abbott sits on one of the new sofas in the library. These sofas replace the two from last year, as well as add a third. The new sofas add "a comfortable place to read that looks nice as well,” according to Abbott.

New chairs and tables were also added to the library. Junior Jon Gruber, pictured left, finds the new setup “a lot more comfortable than the old stuff.” He enjoys sitting and reading here more than before.

Gruber also finds that the new furniture has effected the environment of the library. He says that the new tables and coaches make it seem “less uptight, and makes the environment more comfortable.”

These new kind of tables are called "flexible seating," according to librarian John Kreider, who helped pick out the new furniture. Gruber thinks the new chairs "brighten up the area and make it more inviting."

The new furniture that is now available in library was supplied by the school because the older pieces were considered worn out. Along with three new couches and new desks and chairs, librarian Kreider also says that they “got rid of five book shelves in the back,” which encourages students to go to the back of the library and browse the books that are there.