My Visit to the Harn Museum A Good life story

Gate #2, 1986 - Medium of the Art

This painting was made with oil and it was very interesting to see in person. The picture does not really show the extent to which this painting messes with your eyes; however, in person the painting was really odd to look at. All of the lines together make the painting stand out and the fixed picture in the middle adds to the effect. The oil made the painting look kind of shiny and it was fun to look at.

Zen Garden- Design of the Museum

I really enjoyed this garden exhibit because it was really pretty and relaxing. The sound of the running water from the little creek and all of the plants made the whole atmosphere soothing and the crisp fresh air outside added to it. This exhibit was shown through big glass windows in the museum and it looked enticing so I went outside to find it. I think it was very strategically placed.

Casita al mar (Little House by the Sea), 1974- Art and Core Values

There was a long hallway of paintings that had rather dull colors and at the end of the hallway was this painting with bright bold colors. The painting immediately stood out to me because of the mixture of simplistic shapes, bright colors, and use of shadows. Right next to the painting there was a plaque that read, "Made by an immigrant". The painter was Emilio Sanchez who studied at the Art Students League and Columbia University. This panting was made by someone who worked hard and it represents the combination of simplicity and beauty that comes from it.

Ruth Philips - Art of the Good Life

This photograph represents the Good Life theme of celebrating because it shows a bunch of people gathered together enjoying the universal language of music and dance. It was interesting to see how people all over the world, in all different kinds of lifestyles, and in all different time periods come together to celebrate because it is a universal thing that people enjoy.

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