Good Life Tour of the Harn Joshua Thomas

Medium of the Art

In the lobby of the Harn Museum of Art, I noticed an interesting sculpture (Pictured below). In my perspective I saw a man dancing happily. However, I realized that its open to interpretation. Maybe the sculptor saw something else. It all depends on your perspective. From different views, the sculpture obviously looks different. It is important to see the sculpture in person. It looks completely different than how you would see it as a photo. Seeing the sculpture up close allowed me to notice how difficult and creative this project must have been. This artwork amazed me as I was in awe at how sleek and crisp parts of the sculpture were.

Another medium of the Art that surprised me was “Shadow Sites II” which was created by Joanne Al-Ani. Unlike most art, this was a film that took the “form of an aerial journey”. It consisted of images of landscape that was marked by traces of human and natural activity. In the Harn Museum of Art, this video was placed in a theater (picture below). It was a surreal experience hearing the booming music and watching the aerial images of various landscapes. I was intrigued as I had never seen anything like this before. This video would be a totally different experience if viewed on your phone or a computer instead of a theater.

Design of the Museum

Like most museums, the design of the museum was unique and beautiful. It is clear that the staff at the Harn Museum took pride in making it look so clean and neat. The design of this museum is very interesting as it enhances the distinctiveness of the art it holds. For example, the David A. Coffin Asian Art Wing in primarily dominated by wood. However, the exhibition " Highlights from the Modern Collection" is arranged in a blue and white coloration. In the David A, Coffin Asian Art Wing, the North Asian section was marked by a different color than South Asian section. The organized arrangement, use of bright lights and the open space helped elaborate how unique the art was. The exhibit inspired with awe as I was wonderstruck with the architect of the museum as well as the actual art.

Art and Core Values

The piece of art that caught my art was the one that depicted an African funeral. This masterpiece was made by Stuart Robert Purser in 1945 and is titles “Funeral”. This artwork appealed to my core value of loss. This piece of art reminds me of those who I lost in my life. For instance, I have lost my grandfather and mother and this art has reminded me of the great memories I have had with them. This artwork makes me happy as I remember the good times I have had with those I lost. Art is great as it can help you cherish your loved ones who you may have lost.

Art and the Good Life

The piece of artwork that conveys a Good Life theme is the gelatin silver print “Cast of thousands, Serra Pelada, Brazil” which was taken by Sebastiao Salgado. In this image, you can see hundreds of slaves digging for silver and other expensive commodities. This relates to the Good Life because some people believe that the Good Life is only dependent of wealth. I however. Completely disagree with this idea. I believe that the Good Life is dependent on family and quality relationships.

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