PROJECT OVERVIEW: Bikes for Business is increasing the number of business deliveries done by bicycle and e-cargo bikes on London Bridge. The scheme is part of a commitment to embrace clean forms of transport and traffic reduction and create a quieter, safer, less polluted, more welcoming, and more inclusive business district. Cargo bikes are a burgeoning new sector in the logistics market, which is undergoing growth through constant progress in battery power, loading capacity, safety and security – important criteria that must be fulfilled if businesses are going to make the switch to critical deliveries. Although awareness from the business community was very low in 2018, Bikes for Business makes sure that businesses are given the knowledge and confidence to make a switch. Team London Bridge, a business improvement district, has pulled together a directory of goods and services that offer a bike option. An expo and convoy of operators created a vision of what streets may become if businesses make the switch, and a space for operators and businesses to network. Businesses are supported through expertise and a small subsidy. Sixty businesses are expected to make the switch. Already a hospital is running blood samples daily between sites, legal documents are transported to the financial centre, office groceries are delivered, and meat and fish are taken to restaurants. Even a dog walker has switched from car to pedal power.

CATEGORY: Professional SETTING: Urban STATUS: On-going

BY: Team London Bridge (Business Improvement District)

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: As a business improvement district, Team London Bridge works closely with its members to raise awareness about the project, identify deliveries that can be exchanged, and ascertain which cargo-bike operators are the most appropriate to run a trial. We organised an Expo, bringing many operators into one space, and inviting office managers along to raise awareness and respond to questions regarding security, size, cost and even the employment status of riders. This was followed by a cargo-bike convoy through the area, providing a chance to re-imagine the area with clean vehicles. As businesses make the switch, we take photos for social media to highlight the sustainable action of business and further promote the zero-free delivery method. 60 businesses are involved in the project so far and will be providing reviews of the service to vouch for quality.

PARTNERS: Team London Bridge is working with: Transport for London, which is supporting the project to reduce congestion and improve air quality; MP Smarter Travel, a consultancy specialising in smarter travel and is researching the cargo-bike market, providing expertise and encouragement to businesses and identifying and overcoming barriers which prevent a switch to cargo bikes; Guy’s and St Thomas Trust Hospital, the first to take up the service and is now running pathology deliveries between hospitals and labs every day by bike; Southwark, the local council, is including cargo-bikes in a large scale procurement exercise, which can cover deliveries between libraries, community centres and schools.