Mel Thompson CSUF Philosophy alumni profile

Mel was initially a Communications major, but his classes in that field "were mostly unsatisfying." He notes: "I viewed those classes as a means to a decent-paying career. However, much to my family’s dismay, I was swept up in a wave of personal idealism and decided that I didn’t care about material success as much as making my college days fulfilling." So, Mel made the switch to philosophy.

He found that the curriculum in the CSUF Philosophy Department "was far more challenging and comprehensive" than he imagined it would be. He also found his teachers to be surprisingly "inspiring and highly professional." As Mel delved deeper into the major, he found himself "not just 'getting by' in school, but actually thrilled to be there." The major gave him "a new level of discipline and competency than I had ever known before."

Mel is a prolific writer, author, and poet. Here, too, his training in philosophy set him apart, giving him essentials skills for writing and thinking in creative ways. Mel says that "philosophy infuses the vast majority of poems, short stories and short novels I’ve written." Check out Mel's publications on his Amazon Page.

When asked whether he would recommend majoring in philosophy, Mel states: "I absolutely would recommend this Philosophy Department to any prospective student, with the warning that a lot will be asked of you in return for the excellent education you will get. While getting a B.A. in Philosophy at Cal-State Fullerton was one of the more difficult things I ever did, it was also one of the most fulfilling things in my odd life story."

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