The Harn Spark Story by: Sarah flanagan

"Free Image on Pixabay - Sparks, Light, Long Exposure." Free Photo: Sparks, Light, Long Exposure - Free Image on Pixabay - 1717724. Pixabay, n.d. Web. 27 Jan. 2017."

Standing in front of "Manhattan" by George Grosz

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: By seeing this piece of artwork in person, I was able to see the details in the photo more clearly and I could feel what the artist was trying to convey. I first thought the painting was dark and gloomy but then I saw the empire state building standing proudly in the back. This peaked my interest and when I read the description, it made me appreciate the meaning the artist was conveying. World War II was a horrible period in history but the Empire State building shows America's resilience and leadership. I was able to feel the pride the artist felt for his country.

Standing in front of a part of the ceramics exhibit

Design of the Museum: I really enjoyed the ceramics part of the museum. I loved looking at all the different shapes and sizes. I could never have created such beautiful pieces out of clay and to see other people's work was awe inspiring. I also really liked how the museum put lights within the display to give artwork more light. I also liked how each container wasn't overcrowded with the ceramics. I could appreciate a few pieces at a time and then move on to others instead of being overwhelmed by too many. This exhibit made me feel thoughtful because the people who made these pieces are just as unique as the people who created them. Every piece has a backstory from the artist that created it.

Pointing to "Untitled, from the Kitchen Table Series, 1990/2010 by Carrie Mae Weems

Art and Core Values: At first I was surprised to see this photo because I had actually learned about this artist in my AP photography class and I loved her photos. I love how tis image makes you think and how you can tell there is a story going on in this photo. Ms. Weems was able to capture a moment every person has in their life's. This is a bonding moment, where a child was copying her mom's actions. Children admire and follow what adults do. This photo reminded me of family. I rely on my mom so much, especially since it has been she and I since together since I was 6. I am now at a point in my life where I am making my own decisions and not just following my mom but this photo brought back great memories.

Standing next to the "Maiden Spirit Face Mask" (agbogho mmuo) by the Igbo people, Ogidi area, Nigeria

Art and the Good Life: At first, I just thought this mask looked cool but when I read the description about it, I thought it fit perfectly with the Good Life theme: seeking. Igbo masks are used for guidance for the living but this mask specifically means the power of beauty and the pride for family. Seeking is all about finding meaning and guidance in life which is why this mask is used to help. Life is full of suffering and meaning but guidance is pivotal to key to seeking. This mask made me think about what I was seeking for and how any mentors or advisors at UF are here to help guide me.


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