Drones and Media by, Sanam ahluwalia

drones were originally created for military use, however have become very popular in the modern day. as people have found creative uses for this new technology that includes the use of media
Modern technology has allowed companies to manufacture drones in a way that consumers will take into use. A main way this has taken into action is by accessing aerial photography with drones.
The new innovation of using drones as a method of aerial photography and film has helped the use of media around the world. The use of cameras on drones has allowed us to better maximize skills when creating media projects. It allows us more flexibility and enhancement.
Why use Drones? Drones are not only easily accessible, but are great enhancements, especially through media where film and photography is commonly used. The use of drones help to maximize our potential during film, and allow us to easily capture anything anywhere. This helps when creating high resolution films, or photographs. we are able to capture beyond the view of human sight.



Created with images by StockSnap - "drone sunset dusk" • Tobyotter - "Drone" • DFID - UK Department for International Development - "Drone surveillance helps search and rescue in Nepal" • andri333 - "drone drone flying technology"

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