This Week in Our Schools May 7 - 11, 2018

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Featured this week:

  • Race for the Schools
  • District-Wide Students
  • Colorado Elementary: Race for the Schools!
  • Colorado Elementary: Mrs. Hines' Kindergarten Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Hepker's Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Ms. Week's 5th Grade Class.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Mrs. Manjoine's 5th Grade Class.
  • Grant Elementary: Miss Dindinger's Begindergarten Class.
  • Grant Elementary: Mrs. Dusenberry's 1st Grade Class.
  • Grant Elementary: Mrs. Foxen's 2nd Grade Art Classes.
  • Grant Elementary: Mrs. Doane's 4th Grade Class.
  • Grant Elementary: Mrs. Paul's 4th Grade Class.
  • Grant Elementary: 4th Grade River Bandits Game.
  • Madison Elementary: Family Reading Night.
  • Madison Elementary: Red Nose Day.
  • Madison Elementary: 4th Grade Field Trip.
  • McKinley Elementary: Mrs. Penzkoffer's 1st Grade Students.
  • McKinley Elementary: Ms. Pedersen's 2nd Grade Class.
  • McKinley Elementary: Winnie The Therapy Dog.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Mrs. Lowe's, Miss Wolfgram's and Mrs. Gabriel's Students.
  • Mulberry Elementary: 5th Grade Field Trip.
  • Central Middle School: Mock Trial.
  • Central Middle School: Mr. Edkin's 8th Grade STEM Class.
  • Central Middle School: Mrs. Moeller's Pre-Ap Math Class.
  • Central Middle School: Flash Mob.
  • West Middle School: Ricochet.
  • West Middle School: Mrs. Matteson's 6th Grade ELA Classes.
  • West Middle School: Mrs. Matteson's 6th Grade Pre-AP ELA Classes.
  • West Middle School: Ms. Wiebe's 6th Grade Ag Classes.
  • West Middle School: Mr. Yerington's 6th Grade Science Class.
  • West Middle School: 7th Grade Student Recognition.
  • West Middle School: 7th Grade Choir.
  • West Middle School: Mrs. Schroeder's 8th Grade STEM Class.
  • West Middle School: Ms. Wiebe's 8th Grade Ag Class.
  • Muscatine High School: MHS FFA and Ag Classes.
  • Muscatine High School: Mrs. Hirschfield and Mr. Zabransky's Geometry Classes.
  • Muscatine High School: MHS Choir Students.
  • Muscatine High School: Ms. Ruesch's Essential Biology Classes.
  • District-Wide Staff


On behalf of the Race Committee, I would like to thank all the volunteers and participants at the MCSD Race for the Schools 2018! We had a wonderful turn out this year. Thank you to all the PE teachers who worked hard to get the word out about the race.

Overall Male Student winner for the Muskie Mile was Gabriel Sanchez (Central, 7th grade) with a 6:39 winning time. The overall female student winner for the Muskie Mile was Grace Zorich (Central, 7th Grade) with a 7:32 winning time. There were 2 preschoolers who ran the Muskie Mile. The youngest runner was a 4 year old preschooler!

The 5K overall winner was Rick Pahl with a 16:39 winning time. Rick is a well known runner in Muscatine, who registered the day of the race for free! He found one of the rocks in the Muscatine Rocks contest. The overall female winner was our very own teacher, Nancy Foxen with a winning time of 18:32. The youngest participant in the 5K was Sophia Mohror (6 years old) with an impressive time of 37:31. The oldest runner (80 years old), finished 4 seconds behind Sophia. WoW! THANK YOU to all who ran or walked the race!

This year, we had over 100 students participate in either the Muskie Mile or the 5K. Colorado School won the school challenge again this year. Central Middle School and McKinley School were also very well represented. We count the number of registered participants (who list their school when registering) to see who has the most people registered for the race. This year we included the volunteers. We had nine students at MULBERRY School who volunteered to run the water stop instead of running the race. So we counted those students (and one teacher) in the school challenge numbers. All the volunteers had the opportunity to list a school for the school challenge. At the race, we counted how many people (students, parents, and staff) ran or walked the Muskie Mile or the 5K. We totaled those numbers. Colorado had the most, Central was second and McKinley was third. CONGRATULATIONS to Colorado!

Be sure to check out the pictures (and official race times) at:


Middle School FFA Creed Contest

On Monday night at the Agricultural Learning Center the first-ever middle school FFA Creed contest was held. Congratulations to the top 5 in no particular order: Riley Webber from West, Eve Millage from West, Jaide Schmelzer from West, Ava Daufeldt from Central, and Grace Williams from West. Congratulations to all for a job well done.

8th Grade CMS and WMS Rock Orchestras

Last weekend 8th graders from the CMS & WMS Rock Orchestras participated in the Music in the Parks competition at Six Flags in Chicago. They received 2nd place and had a wonderful time performing, riding rides, and eating junk food!


For the third year in a row, Colorado Elementary won the School Challenge Award for having the most students, staff, parents, grandparents, etc. participate in Race for the Schools! Congratulations Colorado!


Mrs. Hines' Kindergarten class held Muffins with Mom this morning. Students were able to share some one-on-one time and treats with Mom's and other female role models.


Students in Mrs. Hepker's class at Franklin were busy this week pruning trees with Mr. Svenson's help, playing with the classroom drone that’s ran by an IPad, learning about magnets (this is always better with Frankie!), making slime, and practicing words with shaving cream and taking much needed breaks with Frankie!


Fifth graders in Ms. Week's class at Franklin spent the day at Deep Lakes. They went fishing, canoeing, searched for rocks, played Native American games, and participated in archery.


Mr. Dan (our custodian) ate lunch with Miss Dindinger’s Begindergarten class. The kiddos were so excited to have a special guest at their table!


Mrs. Dusenberry”s first graders enjoyed filling May baskets and filling buckets by decorating and delivering to our wonderful Grant staff!


Second Grade students at Grant in Mrs. Foxen's Art Classes worked with scrap construction paper to make some really cool interesting creatures! Our purpose is taking 2D into a 3D piece. The kids sure had fun pushing paper to the limits!! Thanks 2nd grade!!


Students in Mrs. Doane's 4th grade class at Grant organized a drive and the whole school donated 147 items to the Muscatine Humane Society. Great job 4th Graders!


Mrs. Paul's 4th graders at Grant really enjoyed their JA classes with our PTO president Donielle Chelf!


4th grade students at Grant participated in the River Bandit's Book Buddies reading program and attended the River Bandits game on Wednesday, May 9th


Jefferson 5th Graders in Mrs. Manjoine's class have been "pen palling" with Army soldiers, Tammy and Randol, who are stationed in Afghanistan. Tammy is the daughter of Becky Anderson, a custodian at Jefferson. We've written letters back and forth and have FaceTimed twice. This has been a neat learning experience for both us and them. Thank you, ladies. You are true heroes!


Thank you to all Madison families for attending the Family Reading Night!


Madison staff and students participated in Red Nose Day. Thank you to Walgreens and the Barfield family for the donations.


The Madison 4th graders went on a field trip to Wild Cat Den this week. They had beautiful weather, lots of volunteers and lots of FUN! They learned the history behind Muscatine, Benjamin Nye's mill, and education in a one room school house and a log cabin. ​


First grade students in Mrs. Penzkoffer's class were super heroes as they FAST tested yesterday.


Ms. Pedersen's 2nd Graders worked on STEM activities this week.


Winnie, one of two therapy dogs at McKinley, is letting the children give him a big hug.


Mrs. Lowe's, Miss Wolfgram's and Mrs. Gabriel's students found time to enjoy the sun during the 5th Grade Track Meet.

They also had fun cheering on their fellow classmates!


The Mulberry 5th grade students participated in a field trip on Wednesday, May 9th to the Buffalo Bill Museum in LeClaire and the Walnut Grove Pioneer Village in Long Grove, IA. The Mulberry PTO generously sponsored this outing, and even treated students to ice cream cones from the Soda Fountain at Pioneer Village! A great time of learning was had by all!


Several students at Central Middle School participated in a formative year of Mock Trial. The students have been working hard since November during and after school to learn the case and the process of the court room. The big scrimmage between the two teams took place in the Little Theater at Central this week. Congratulations to both teams on a job well done, and a special thank you to Mr. Jamie Bosten, for volunteering so many hours of his time as our partnering attorney.


Mr. Edkin's 8th Grade STEM students got to enjoy STEM at the Ballpark at the Quad Cities River Bandits ballpark.


Mrs. Moeller's pre-AP math students visited Monsanto to learn more about Engineering. Students toured the flowables computer lab to conceptualize the tasks of a technical engineer. Students became chemical and biological engineers as they walked through testing labs. Visiting the packaging plant helped students visualize the work of mechanical and electric engineers. Students ended their visit exploring the Monsanto fire station and eating pizza.


Last Friday, present and past students and staff surprised outgoing principal, Terry Hogenson with a flash mob as he closes on his last year as CMS principal. Next year, he will be the principal of Muscatine High School.


The WMS Ricochet II group raised money by making root beer floats. The money went to the UIHC Children's Hospital for cancer research.


As we near the end of the school year, Ms. Matteson's sixth grade ELA students are learning about Greek mythology as a part of their final Collections unit. Students memorized lines, practiced parts, wore costumes, and brought props to school so they could perform several different mythological plays.


Now that the weather is finally cooperating, Ms. Matteson's sixth grade Pre-AP class took a break from being indoors and headed outside for some reading time.


6th grade agriculture students in Ms. Wiebe's class at West learned about planting and transplanting plants, how to run a germination unit and how to calculate for germination based on the number of seeds they got to sprout. They're also learning how to troubleshoot if their plants don't grow.


Students in Mr. Yerington’s 6th grade science class are studying the human body. They checked their pulse while sitting, then walked in place for one minute and checked again, ran in place for one minute and checked again, and finally did jumping jacks for one minute and checked again. They also compared their results with other students.


Each week, West Middle School recognizes those 7th grade students who go above and beyond. Here is this week's 7th graders who were recognized at a breakfast! Congratulations!


WMS 7th choir students practiced for their concert at the Administration Center.


Mrs. Schroeder's 8th Grade STEM students participated in STEM at the Ballpark today as they got to participate in STEM activities and John O'Donnell Stadium.


West 8th grade ag students completed their ag sales project in which they had to pick an agriculture-based product, conduct research on it, and also learn about different sales techniques including good handshakes and introductions- before selling their product to "customers" who are retired teachers and business people from around the community. Thank you to everyone who came into act as judges/customers!


High school FFA and AG students helped to get the soybeans planted over at the Agricultural Learning Center on Friday.


The high school geometry students in Ms. Hirschfield and Mr. Zabransky's classes are working on a unit on Volume and Surface Area. They redesigned a soup can and presented their ideas to visiting engineers. We would like to send a huge thank you to the engineers and experts that volunteered - Bob Hardy, Lucas DeGross, Carl Egger, and Joel Yungs.

Ms. Hirschfield's Class
Mr. Zabranskly's Class


MHS Choir students Garrett Auberg, Maddie Bebber, Karissa Burton, and Logan Gray traveled to Des Moines to perform “Lasting Memories” in Chinese for the release of the book, Old Friends: The Xi Jinping - Iowa Story. The event was held at the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates and was attended by dignitaries, ambassadors and the press from both China and Iowa.


Ms. Ruesch's Essential Biology classes visited the Putnam Museum and Science Center. They had a great time exploring all of the different exhibits and also got to see the movie Oceans in 3D!


English Teachers: Springboard's Train-the Trainer

A group of secondary English teachers participated in the Springboard Train-the-Trainer Institute this week. The teachers worked with a certified trainer from Springboard to learn facilitation techniques and practice leading professional development.

Teachers worked together in pairs to plan and facilitate a segment of professional development. Afterwards, the participants debriefed and provided feedback to each of the presenters.​​

Shawn Larson-Walgren, 6th grade teacher at CMS, and her daughter, Alex Rauenbuehler, high school English teacher, were paired to lead a segment of professional development. They took a creative approach in their delivery and introduced the group to "Misinformed Millie" and "Well-informed Wilma!"


McKinley Food and Nutrition Workers are lunch time super heroes!

MHS Physical Education Facility

A construction crew member works to trim off the top of a wall panel on the new MHS Physical Education Facility on the MHS campus Thursday in preparation for roof installation. The warm and sunny Spring weather has afforded the crew good working conditions to make progress towards having the building ready by the projected September completion date.

To see more pictures and video on the construction of the MHS Physical Education building, visit:

Thank you to all who submitted pictures to this week's edition of This Week in Our Schools!

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