Concussion Safety In The NFL By: Jonathon Mannino Period:7

Safety in the NFL is a major concern for many people, especially involving concussions. However the game of football was built on players toughness and love of the sport, which is why although knowing the risks of injuries the players continue to play the game they love. The NFL should not take stricter safety rules involving concussions ruining the games integrity.

To start off, the helmets worn by the players in the NFL are very high quality and very protective to concussions. The Associated Press, representatives of the NFL, its players’ union, and the four equipment companies ,that make every helmet worn in the league, have agreed there is no perfect or concussion proof helmet and there may never be one. Knowing this the NFL spends an estimated 1.7 million dollars on helmets every year and are continuously trying to make them better at protecting a player from concussions when in all reality there is still the easy possibility that a player gets a concussion. These changes in helmets are not the only thing that has changed and made the NFL safer, the rules have also changed recently.

Football is typically known by people for being a tough sport with very strong and big athletes. However, with the recently added rule changes in the NFL the players are being fined and penalized for hits that were allowed before. Rules like a defenseless player cannot be hit in the head or neck area (a 15 yard unnecessary roughness penalty) and the quarterback can not be targeted in the head or neck area (a 15 yard roughing the passer penalty) are making the NFL an offensive league and taking away from the toughness of the game. With the rules like these already in place to protect against concussions there is no need to make stricter safety rules ruining the integrity of the game.

Yes, there may be the risk of serious brain injury when a concussion occurs, but the players in the NFL play the game because they love the toughness and integrity of the game. The players know about the risk of them getting a concussion because they know the game is about wanting to hit the player with the ball hard and taking them down with a big hit, but they still play the game and many of them are fine. Also, there is no way to guarantee a player that they will not get a concussion no matter the quality of their helmet or the rules in place to protect against concussions.

Also, with concussions there is possible long term health effects such as memory and attention deficits, but most of the athletes that receive concussions continue to play football once they are cleared to play again. They are aware that there are risks when they receive a concussion, however the players continue to play because they love the tough game of football for its integrity. With many of the players continuing to play football even with the risks that they are aware of and with the quality of the helmets and the changes to rules to protect against concussions there is no need to take stricter safety rules towards concussions.

Even with the risk of concussions the NFL players continue to play the game they love in football. There helmets having great quality and the changed rules making the game much safer. Knowing that their is no way to prevent a concussion from potentially occurring no matter how good the equipment is, there is no need for the NFL to take stricter safety rules involving concussions.

Complimentary Writing Piece

Hit Hard


Big shots

Tackling, hitting, firing

Lineman hit the quarterback like he is a rag doll





Hard shots

To the head

Are leaving headaches

Some quarterbacks are complaining

The rules already in place are enough protection

There should not be stricter safety rules taken about concussions in the NFL

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