The Urban Cowboy Dylan Kubida

A lot of people remember the movie that came out in 1980 called "The Urban Cowboy" starring John Travolta. John Travolta, in the movie, played a cowboy from Texas that was slim, young and dressed head to toe like a cowboy. From his black Stetson cowboy hat down to his wrangler jeans, John Travolta shows classic cowboy confidence. Well that was not this guy... When I first saw him, I didn't know exactly what to think. He fit the cowboy image as he was wearing the hat, vest, and boots but the blue jeans just didn't seem to match the cowboy lifestyle. His cowboy hat was a cream tan color that looked like it had worked the fields as it was dusty and dirty in patches. His civil war grey short sleeve shirt held tight to his stocky frame. He covered the shirt with a light brown vest that was tight in the mid section and loose in his lower back. The creases that the vest made on his lower back looked clean and crisp . It was obvious that he didn't wear this vest while working in the fields. The boots that he was wearing were brown leather cowboy boots that were covered in dry mud. The mud must of been there for a while because it didn't spill onto the ground as he walked. The mud stayed in place as he walked. The mud stayed perfectly in place on the sole of his boots with every step he took. At this point, he looks like the typical cowboy. Then I noticed his blue jeans sagging very loosely on his thick torso. Clearly these are not your typical wrangler blue jeans. The jeans that he his wearing look just like the ones that you would see in the hood... Obviously these jeans were way to big as the further down his leg the jeans went, the more the creases appeared. He was definitely a mix of urban and cowboy. His skin a tan brown, a tan that is both natural and from the sun. His hair is short and black but has a slight mixture of grey showing around his hat. His eyes are a warm brown. The warmth that yells " I am approachable and kind". He has a full beard that hugged his cheekbones.

As I continue to sit there and watch the urban cowboy, other people quickly surround him.his smile widens and his eyes squint as he crouches down and picks up a small child. It is obvious at this time that his family has surrounded him. He holds his baby daughter smiling from ear to ear as she plays with the brim of his cowboy hat. As his family steps closer to him it is obvious that he has found himself in pure happiness Working long hours in the field and getting dusty, dirty, and muddy day after day as brought him to this moment.A moment where all he cares about is looking into his young daughters eyes and seeing her smile. A smile by the way, that matches his going ear to ear. I could tell that there was no where on earth that this urban cowboy would rather be than right here in this moment with his family.It's during this time, that I realize why the jeans don't match the rest of the outfit. You see, baggy jeans allow our urban cowboy the flexibility of full range of motion. He doesn't care that his jeans are not Rangler or straight boot cut jeans. What he does care about, is that he's able to bend down and comfortably pick up his young daughter.

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