Clubs Team up to Clean the Beach Brynn Baker

Twice every month, members of M-A's Surfrider club flock to the beach to participate in a beach cleanup. This time, the beach cleanup was advertised within different club meetings, in attempt to spread the word about the Surfrider Organization, and maximize M-A's participation.

Ava Peyton, a member of the M-A Surfrider club smiles with her bucket as she picks up trash on Poplar Beach.
Poplar beach boasts beautiful views, which students enjoy as they tidy up the coast.
Trash collected along Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay.
All collected rubbage is loaded into a blue bin, which are later emptied, allowing the trash to be disposed of properly.
Student Alana Hartsell scanning for trash along the hillside.
Beach cleanup participants combine their trash into a single bag.
The Surfrider Foundation, the organization which oversees the bimonthly beach cleanups, has been around for approximately 35 years.

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