KarbonKleen April 2020 Results

In April 2020 we continued the testing of units with trucks in production throughout North America including systems running in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

All units were tracked using GEOTAB telematics systems tracking vehicle and engine information

In total over 100,000 miles in April were analyzed and the data collected and measured against the baselines for those trucks. The results of those tests are below.

12.37% Average Fuel Savings

200+ Gallons of Diesel (750+ Liters) Saved Per Month

1.9 tCO2e (Tons of Carbon Equivalent) Saved Per Truck

Class 7,8 Trucks averaging 1 Cubic Ton of CO2e per 4800 Miles. tCO2e is the unit of measure for Carbon Credit registration.

2012 kgs of CO2 Emissions per Vehicle Reduced

Other ghg (Green House Gases) monitored via PEMS device on a case by case basis.

dynaCERT HydraGEN™
GEOTAB GO7 Telematics
KarbonKleen Mobile App for Monitoring
Trip Mapping, Temperature, Driver Behavior, Highway Driving, Average Speed, Idle Time are all Visible and Factored
Created By
Chris Grossman


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