Pandora- Princess Ring By Kate davis

Model and brand: Princess Tiara Silver and Cubic Zirconia, PANDORA.

The reason as to why I chose this product are the following reasons. PANDORA is a popular brand for many consumers as it is known for its good advertising and marketing, they do this by using social media platforms and trends to get the buyers attention. I was drawn to there capability of enticing me and making me want to buy the product. It has a price that is suitable for most people with steady income, at just $69.

I will by the ring at a local shop, as there are many in city locations and I can get the right size for me.

I could either pay using a debit card, or a credit card. The advantage of using a debit card is that you're are just drawing out money that you already have, but it is limited by the amount of funds i have. Credit cards have flexibility meaning you can pay for something using the banks money, but this means you could have to pay a lot more in interest. Therefore I would use debit as all I have to do is save up and I don't have to pay extra from taking from the bank.

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