Incredible acts of forgiveness By Anya Marshall

A Drunk Driver #1

A drunk driver instantly killed 2 young ladies both 20 years old. The mothers of the 2 girls joined MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to help others avoid the grief they were struggling through. Napier made her own foundation to promote safe driving. The drunk driver, Smallridge, even got permission to travel with them while serving his sentence to share his story. The mothers forgave the driver and "lobbied for (and won) Smallridge’s early release" (Garcia, 2013, p.30).

An Accidental Shooting

A Teenage boy brought his stepfathers gun to school to show all of his buddies, but in the process he accidentally shot a girl named Lourdez. The mother of the girl forgave the boy and helped him fight for a shorter sentence. She stated that "her daughter would have wanted it that way." (Hervey, n.d., p.5) With the help of the girls mother, the teen ended up serving only a year in a juvenile detention center. Together, the 2 of them, travel to other school to warn other children about the dangers of fire arms.

The stroke that changed everything

Pascale and her brother were severely abused by their mother when they were younger. This torment even lasted through their adulthood, and unfortunately effected Pascale's daughter as well. But when Pascale's mother had a stroke, everything changed. Her mother had no one to care for her despite Pascale so she stepped up to the plate. After the stroke, her mom couldn't speak and struggled to grasp what was going on around her. One day "Pascale suddenly laid her head down in her mother’s lap." (Booth, n.d., p.5) and from that moment she was able to forgive, and happily care for her mother.

A drunk driver #2

A father and husband, Chris, was in a brutal car accident in 2007. His entire family consisting of his wife and 2 young kids, were in the car when a drunk driver hit them. After the hit he felt pain, but he checked on his 9 year old daughter and 11 year old son who were both dead in the back seat. He then looked to his side to see his pregnant wife "[exhale] for the last time." (FamilyShare, n.d., p.19) Amazingly, before he had even been pulled from the car, he forgave the 17 year old drunk driver for the accident that took his entire family.

A genocide survivor

During the Rwanda Genocide, Immaculee and her family decided to stay in their home instead of flee to safety. Eventually she was forced to hide in a bathroom of the local pastor's house with 7 other ladies. After 3 months she was finally safe to come out. When she came out she learned of the murder of the rest of her family, and had lost 50 pounds while in hiding. She was "determined to let forgiveness, rather than hate, rule her life." (Garcia, 2013, p.33) Fortunately, she was eventually able to move to the United States where she could live a happy life, with several adopted children from Rwanda.


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