Pay Or Don't Play Charlie Holloway

The title image focuses on the coach who focuses on the players in the game. The coach ultimately depends on the team's success. If a team is unsuccessful for a period of time, a coach can lose his or hers' career.

Many universities in the NCAA depend on the success of their athletic teams. Players work extremely hard to increase their performance at practices and games.Talented players off all sports help sell hundreds of tickets every game and are a big influence to fans.

I'm In that game! I should be paid!

Years ago, there have been many issues regarding merchandise such as videogames. Many popular football and basketball athletes wanted compensation from the NCAA using similar characteristics and numbers of those players. There have not been any collegiate videogames made since 2014 due to legal issues.

Is that Mine?

This image represents the possibility of a player questioning a jersey or any piece of merchandise being sold that resembles him or her. Although there has not recently been any controversy over merchandise being sold of a collegiate athlete, an issue similar to this may occur in the future.

What About Tournaments?

Big events such as the March Madness basketball tournament and college football bowls generate millions of dollars annually for both the NCAA organization and its universities. While these schools and the NCAA make money, players only receive recognition for their performances during games.

Life After...

Many college players do not compete professionally after their athletic careers. Some sports do not have professional leagues as well. Therefore, many of these college athletes transition into normal lives. On the other hand, other athletes who are talented enough to play professionally tend to leave their schools around two years. Due to players such as Lebron James, who have came from high school to play professionally, many young stars decide to leave their schools at a short time and go pro. This tradition of players leaving schools early can affect the coach/player relationship and economically affect schools because of the tickets being sold.

For my solution, colleges can create contracts for players. These contracts will be based on the duration of a player at their school. If a player stays longer to compete for their school, then they will earn more money than one who will leave early. Although money should not be the issue, it is only fair for players to earn money since coaches earn millions of dollars to lead. The NCAA should also make video games again because guys like me are emotionally deteriorating. :)


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