Deforestation (BRAZIL) Mohammad islam

Introduction: Brazil once had the Highest deforestation in the world it is still has the top deforestation through out the world. there are many reasons and causes of deforestation, trees illegally removed from forests are used as fuel and also used for agriculture, furniture and another most common reason is to sale for money workers or farmer who are poor.

nearly 1/4 of the forest is gone

Question and Answer : 1).What are the main causes of deforestation in Brazil? Answer: 1 Debt 2 Population increasing 3 Agriculture 4 money.

2). Who benefits from this deforestation? how do they benefit? Answer: The industry and the farmers because of the economic gains when they cut down trees they gain a lot of money from that.

3). What are the consequences of deforestation? for people For animals for the environment? Answer: Mostly it affects the Animals and environment because many species lives in the tree they losses their habitats and when the trees cut down in a large area it becomes very dusty and unsafe for animals to live there.

4). Are the trees being replaced? what types of trees? Answer: Yes they are trying to replant in the amazon rain forest with trees. there are many types of tree in the rainforest that they are planting. for example Euterpe precatoria, Ceiba pentandra, Cecropia engleriana, Socratea xorrhiza and Cocos nicifera.

5). Answer: the government is trying regenerate the tropical rain forest and keeping the species safer and for more habitats.

Workers take care of young tropical trees in Brazil. The trees were planted

Conclusion: Through out the years the deforestation has increased and decreased over time in Brazil now their goal is to replant and bring the old tropical forest to life.

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