Increase the Few Chrysten Madrid

By adding a simple and short course/class at the beginning of Freshman year for ADD/ADHD students that

teaches the student how to work with their unique learning style

not change them, will increase their chances to be successful.

Most colleges/ universities will try to make the students learn to the standard of everyone who is a student without ADD/ADHD. By the colleges/ universities asking ADD/ADHD students to change their learning styles adds to the change of already going to a post secondary school.

The required course/class would teach what is offered to help the students with ADD/ADHD. The students would learn how to work with their type of learning style; what makes the student most effective to learn and succeed

Attending a College or University can be stressful enough as it is, but it is the school's duty to ensure that every student has the proper tools accessible to them to achieve ultimate success.

With a required course/class for ADD/ADHD students the number of these students that graduate will increase. If the numbers increase for graduating students with ADD/ADHD, more students with ADD/ADHD will lose the fear of furthering their education.


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