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Reward Power

When a leader promises a reward in exchange for work

Pros: the reward motivates someone to do their work

Cons: People will expect a reward every time they work

example : your boss.

Referent Power

To follow someone out of likability or admiring them

Pros: if you admire someone, their encouragement will motivate you

Cons: If you admire a person that has bad ideas in mind, they may peer pressure you into doing bad things

Ex: a friend or someone you admire

Legitimate Power

Based on a person's title, or position. The position gives the person power.

Pro: People will respect and respond to you because of your position.

Con: Your position doesn't mean someone has to like you or make them want to do their best for you

Ex : the president, anyone with a government position

Information power

Based on the knowledge a person knows that is valuable or needed

Pro: using the information correctly, the goal can be achieved or made better.

Con: The person could share information that would mislead others. They can also hold back info that would help the group.

Ex: The Government

Expert Power

Leading because of your skill, expertise and knowledge that others don't have.

Pro: You can get the best info from experts

Con: The expert can take advantage of you and tell you misleading info

Ex: Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, professors or anyone that has a lot of experience on anything

Connection Power

Someone who has connections to important or influential people

Pro: Connections help you get into things like jobs, school interviews, and other offers

Con: You can take offers that you don't deserve that others do.

Ex: a senior who knows an alumni of a college they're applying for

Coercive power

someone who instills fear in people; they may take away things or punish people

Pro: sometimes it's setting rules are the only way something can be done

Con: people usually don't understand the point of the project or they aren't actually motivated to do it

Ex: controlling teachers, parents, dictators

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