Rhode Island, founded 1636 justin tackett

Anne Hutchinson

  • Anne Hutchinson was a religious leader
  • she lived 1591 - 1643 a total of 52 years
  • she was one of the founders for the Rhode island colony
  • she was born in England
  • she was a citizen in the Massachusetts colony


There was no main religion in Rhode island. religions freedom was everywhere History.com says "Rhode Island became a haven for Baptists, Quakers, Jews and other religious minorities." Rhode Island has a high religious tolerance.


Rhode Island was mainly cold. They had short summers. They had to deal with a humid climate. The temperature ranges from 28 in Jan. to 73 in July. Storms and Hurricanes pose occasional threats.


Rhode Island had flat rolling hills and lowlands. Swamps were also around. There were also forests.


  • Coastal settlers made a living off of wailing, shipbuilding, and fishing.
  • farming was difficult due to marsh like land.
  • Rhode Island also manufacturers items like jewelry.


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