Brain Buddies In China By: Danial tahir, Aaron osborne, abby vanhorssen, emanii jefferson

Tell them your full name, the place you work at and what you do

After you have been introduced, you can shake their hand

a. The junior should be introduced to the senior first

b. The male should be introduced to the female first

c. The inferior should be introduced to the superior first

d. The host should be introduced to the guest first

What women in China wear

How men in China dress

Sweet and sour pork

Ma Po Tofu



Chow Mein

Geography of China

Art in China

Religions in China

Chinese religions




Traditional ethnic


beliefs and ideals

Chinese folk religion




gender roles

Yin or “women” is described as soft, passive and weak.

follow the lead of men

main role was to produce a male

give birth to a male she was more respected

If her husband died the wife was only able to act as the head of the house until her eldest son was of age to take over.

The views of Yin and Yang also account for the high rates of male births. After the law was passed that restricted the people of China to have only one child the rates of male births increased. People would have abortions if they found out they were expecting a girl, some would/will even pay to have a male embryo implanted to ensure a male baby. The strong traditional ties and views of Yin and Yang have had a strong impact on the current gender roles in China.

Yang or “man” is viewed as hard, dominating and assertive

Traditionally you are the head of the house

sole provider and you were responsible for continuing your families blood line.

They expect gifts before business meetings

A custom in China is the Spring festival (marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year)

The USA is in a trade deficit with China. The current trade deficit is $481.9 billion.

Imports from China - medical supplies, cars, and oil Exports from China - Apparel, textiles, and furniture

The trade barriers are that the USA can't import meat because the Chinese are scared of spreading diseases.

The capital of china is Beijing

The three largest cities in China are Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai

China leads the world in infrastructure investment. ... Between 2001 and 2004, investment in rural roads grew by a massive 51 percent annually. And in recent years, the government has used substantial infrastructure spending to hedge against flagging economic growth. China Spends More on Infrastructure Than the U.S. and Europe Combined. Between 2001 and 2004, investment in rural road grew by a massive 51% annually

The population of China is 1.357 billion

The primary language in China is Standard Mandarin.

English is also spoken in China.

Employment in China is evenly divided between industry, services and agriculture, with a slight emphasis on services. China's government is the country's largest employer.

The unemployment rate is four percent.


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