Simple Gift Wallet By kaz boughton

Spread Glitter Paste through one of the snowflake stencils and leave it to dry.

Once dry, carefully trim with a scalpel.

Paint a Mini Snowflake and some stars from the inner bits white, then add glitter glue.

Measure the Gift Certificate (or card) and trim some black card to the right size. I'm using the black packaging that comes with some Tando products.

Score the card just bigger than the Gift Certificate.

Repeat to the same size.

Mark the last piece just inside the score line and trim the card.

Mark the card about one third of the way up.

Cut the piece from the card using a scalpel and ruler to get a straight line.

Cut some patterned paper to just inside the size of the card so you get a border.

Doodle around the edges.

Before sticking the back piece on, add some double sided tape and position some ribbon, leaving enough to tie a bow.

Paint a Twinchie white, stamp some text and then add a light layer of paint over the text.

Edge the Twinchie with black ink.

Open the inside of the wallet and make some white splatters.

Add a thin strip of double sided tape to the base of the cut piece and stick it down.

Stick the stars in place and add some glitter glue over some of the white dots.

Add the Twinchie and 2 snowflakes to the front of the wallet.

Tie the bowing trim the edges.