Graphic Design By: chris nguyen


I made this rose in photoshop only and it's one of my favorite pieces out of the others. It's definitely not perfect, but I do like it a lot. I had to outline the rose and all of it's petals with pencil in photoshop, and then I used various colors to try to smudge them together to look like real petals. A majority of it looks very visual, but you can also notice a few petals that need more blending. This design was very repetitive to work with, but I like the outcome of what I created.

Naruto x Natsu

For this design, I used only photoshop to create both the rasengan and the fire in the back from scratch. I wanted to make the two look like they are kind of colliding with each other, as if they were fighting, but I couldn't make that happen so I went to this alternative and I still think it looks pretty cool. I had to find two suiting photos of Naruto and Natsu, and create the background with half rasengan and half fire. This piece didn't take as much time as my other pieces of work, but I did learn that not everything that comes to my mind for a piece will have the same outcome. You always have to settle for something else.


This tree piece was a very frustrating piece because of primarily the tree and the branches. I also had to clone stamp a majority of the whole piece. I used photoshop and what I did was create the background first. I used a lot of masking too to split the skies, grass, and the tree apart to show the whole point of this picture. I learned that almost every work of graphical art takes a ton of repetition and time.


This piece was more of a "fun" type of work. I used photoshop to mask out the famous figures of this world today and I thought that this was a very cool piece to make. I used a lot of masking to make most of them look like they are behind clouds and they are all waiting at the stairway to heaven, because that's where they all are. You also notice Vincent Mays because he also dissipated from the face of the Earth and is nowhere to be found pretty much, so I like to think that he is a legend that died.

Barbell Flyer

This is one of the client pieces I made. It is a flyer for a company that is well known in LA. I used photoshop, indesign, and illustrator to create this, and this was something that benefited both my client and myself. I used a vibrant background of LA, for the feel of this flyer, and I didn't use various colors and different fonts because they wanted a very clean flyer, something simple that gets to the point vividly. This was for their new years sale, and I hope to do more work for them in the future, if they consider it. I learned a lot about working with and for other people, because what I can produce is not what people exactly want, so there will be many changes and corrections to my work. I also learned that working with clients can get my name out to the world, and that can bring me some recognition, and that is definitely good.


This logo I created was for a client that wanted to kickstart a brand. I used illustrator to create the logo, and photoshop to put the logo on mockups. It took a while to get the koi fish to be how my client wanted it to be, and the colorways he wanted to see. I believe that the font I chose for this logo fits well with the fish, and the whole logo just fell into place when I added the box. In the end, my client ended up using a different logo because he thought that this idea wouldn't be appealing to people (completely respectable, but still made me mad), so I learned that I should confirm with people so we can decide on things without having to scrap the whole project.

More mockups under as well as the logos with different colorways.

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